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Camp Spank – Available Today!

Camp Spank by Alice Dark

Camp Spank by Alice Dark

Camp Spank – where the women are spanked, the men are caned, and in the end, the girl finds the girl of her dreams.

In Camp Spank, two young women break Army regulations, and as punishment for their misbehavior, the entire squad is sent out on a 20-mile overnight hike. The other women of Charlie Squad are furious with the two privates, and they band together to punish the two women for their indiscretions. But that punishment is exposed when young men sneak into camp to spy on the girls as they deliver a harsh spanking. Find out what happens when the girls of Charlie Squad discover the voyeurs and retaliate against the men.

WARNING: Contains mature adult themes, BDSM, spanking, caning and explicit F/F sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are between adults aged 21 years and over.

In the excerpt below, Daniel peeps through a hole in the tent as Mandy and Bri – two recruits who have caused much trouble for their squad – are pinned to the ground awaiting punishment. Carmen, one of the other girls in the squad, is first up to deliver punishment. The implement of choice is a handmade the Wudu hairbrush.

You’re first, Carmen.”

Carmen. Daniel’s mind seized on the name. It was somehow appropriate for this Hispanic beauty. With her dark hair and black eyes, she looked almost like a Gypsy dancer. But Carmen appeared confused by the brush.

What am I supposed to do with this?”

Lori didn’t mince words, and she didn’t give anyone in the squad time to think. “Spank them,” she said sharply. “These two brats owe you 15 demerits worth of punishment.”

Spank them?” Carmen held the thick Wudu brush at arm’s length and looked down at the two struggling blondes. The eyes of the bound women were wide as they shook their heads violently back and forth. Their bare bottoms heaved as they pounded their pelvises against ground in attempt to break free. “I don’t know,” Carmen said slowly. “It seems … well … wrong.”

Wrong?” It was the skinny redhead, Rosemary, who hissed at Carmen. She looked up at the Hispanic girl from her position of holding the arms of one of the blondes. “These two bitches are the reason we’re here in this fucking stinkhole.” Rosemary yanked at the blonde’s arms, pinning her harder to the ground. “They’re the reason you were shitting in the woods tonight, like some fucking animal.” Rosemary scooted forward. Shifting her grip, the skinny redhead sat on the blonde’s arms, and then gripped the girl’s hair so that she could twist her head upward. “Do you think Mandy gives two shits about what she’s done to you?” Rosemary motioned to the black girl helping to hold the other girl down. “Or Jenelle? Or any of us?”

Mandy. Daniel’s mind caught another name and tied it into his fantasy come true. Rosemary is sitting on Mandy’s arms! Jenelle is the black chick holding the other girl’s arms. He pushed hard on his cock and groaned inwardly. Rosemary’s panties were stretched tight, and Daniel could see the rolling shape of the skinny girl’s well-formed ass. He wanted that ass. Wanted it now. Wanted Rosemary prone and moaning on the ground in front of him, while he fucked her from behind. Daniel’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he had to fight to keep from cumming inside his pants.

Goddamnit, Carmen.” Rosemary let go of Mandy’s hair and put her slender hands on the girl’s shoulders. She pressed down hard to keep the squirming young woman flat on the ground. “Mandy and Bri have fucked up our lives. And they’re going to keep fucking them up, unless we do something about it.”

Bri! Mandy and Bri! Daniel scratched hard at his cock, and next to him, he heard Jason moan low in his throat.

Yeah.” It was a white girl who spoke. Slender and wearing only her bra and panties, she leaned forward into the group. Her brown eyes were wide with anger. “If you won’t do it, Carmen, give me the brush.” The white girl had medium length black hair and a splash of freckles across her nose. She was cute, but there was rage clear in her low voice. “I’m so fucking tired of these two fucking cunts. They don’t give a shit about any of us!”

Carmen held the handle of the wide brush in her right hand. With her left hand, she trailed her fingers across the length of the flat side. Looking beyond the brush in her hands, she saw the lily white asses of Mandy and Bri. Their bottom-cheeks bounced up and down with their struggles, though the young women were pinned firmly to the ground. Neither Mandy, nor Bri were going anywhere. As if she came to a decision, Carmen set her jaw firmly and dropped to her knees.

Nah, Roxy.” Carmen glanced up at the angry white girl. “I got this.”

The young Hispanic woman raised the brush high over her shoulders. Below her, Mandy and Bri grunted and groaned, begging for mercy with their eyes.

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