Tempest is Spanked – a fragment

“Do you understand, Tempest, why I have to spank you?”

My girlfriend held a sheaf of papers in her shaking hand – letters from the university detailing her failings: missed classes, late projects, a miserable and careless attitude. Usually Tempest retrieves the mail, otherwise I would have never have known she had issues at school until it was too late. Today, home early from work, I picked up the mail and found the letters. Most were stamped third or fourth notice.

When confronted by the letters, Tempest was at first belligerent, blaming the teachers and the administration. “This isn’t high school,” I fumed in response. “This is university! You have to behave like a young lady!” Then Tempest switched tactics. She was sorry and promised to do better. But I knew this was another ploy – another lie aimed at gaining sympathy. I knew better. “You’ve already lied to me by gathering the mail and hiding the previous notices,” I pointed out. “And I’ve known you for far too many years to believe that you will change your behavior so quickly.” I knew this. So did Tempest. She tried cajoling. Pleading. Begging. But I wouldn’t stand for any of it. The time had come to try something entirely different. If she was going to act like a child, I would treat her like one.

“Answer me, Tempest. Do you know why I have to spank you?”

“Yes, Gloria,” Tempest said. She wiped the back of her hand across her nose and sniffed hard. I don’t think she really understood, but even if she didn’t, the spanking would still happen.

“And I want you to know that if you continue to misbehave in your classes, I will spank you again. You’re a sophomore in college, and you should be beyond this type of childish behavior.”

Tempest nodded her head slowly. Her long dark curls fell in her face, and she casually brushed them behind her ear. “I’ll try, Gloria. Honestly I will pass all of my classes.”

I pursed my lips at this promise. It was one that I hoped she could keep. “Okay, Tempest. Take off your jacket.”

Slowly, Tempest slipped out of her new Elementz jacket and hung it on the hook by the door. I remembered buying her that jacket just a week earlier – a gift for my college girl.

As Tempest turned to face me, I removed the belt from around my waist; it slid quickly through each of the loops. Carefully, I doubled-over the length of black leather and sat down in a straight-backed chair in the center of the room. Tempest’s eyes widened when she saw the belt, and she glanced quickly at the door beside her. I let her look; if she decided to leave now, I would never let her return.

Tempest seemed to realize this. With one more forlorn look at the door, she then turned and walked to my side. Slowly, she lay across my lap, fingers and toes just barely in contact with the floor. Tempest was tense and frightened, yet I didn’t hesitate. Swiftly, I flipped up her skirt, and then hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties. I pulled down the silky garment and bared her lovely brown bottom. As I raised the belt above my head, I whispered:

“This is going to hurt, Tempest. Hold onto the chair.”

Do you need a Spanking?

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