Tara Asks for a Spanking – a fragment

Tara looked up at me. Her pretty blue eyes were wide, and her bottom lip trembled. Her rosy cheeks glistened with recent tears “A spanking?” she whispered. “On my bare bottom?”

Sometimes my girlfriend is so innocent. Other times she sees and knows more than she should. I’ve said nothing to Tara to suggest that I will spank her bare bottom, though that’s exactly what she needs. “What do you think, Tara?” I asked, offering my girlfriend the chance to try to talk her way out of her punishment.

“Darlene,” she began, looking down at her shoes and swaying back and forth. “I’ve been bad,” she said, brushing her blonde hair back over her ears. Again, her voice dropped to a whisper. I had to lean closer to catch her admission. “Real bad,” Tara said. “And it’s like I just don’t know how to be good, you know?” Tara looked up quickly and then returned her gaze to the floor. My girlfriend clasped her hands together at her waist and fidgeted with her fingers. “I just don’t want to be bad anymore, and if that means that I need a bare-bottom spanking, well…”

Tara’s words trailed off as she knotted her fingers tightly. She was being brave for my sake. I don’t think my girlfriend really wanted her bare bottom cheeks spanked. But she was willing to accept that punishment, if that’s what I decided.

“I’m proud of you, Tara.” I gathered my girlfriend into my arms. Weeping, she huddled against my chest.

“But I don’t want to wait for a spanking,” she said. She choked up for a moment as she pressed her head against my breasts. “I can’t wait.”

“There, there,” I murmured, kissing the top of her blonde head. “We don’t have to wait any longer.” Giving Tara an extra squeeze, I let go of her, and then backed up to the couch. Sitting down, I patted my lap.

“All right,” I said, smoothing my dress. “Lay across my lap.”

“To have my bottom spanked?” Tara asked.

Slowly, I nodded and waited for Tara to assume the position.

“Will it hurt, Darlene?” Tara wondered, as she lay down across my knees. I lifted her dress high and tucked it into her waistband, and then drew down Tara’s silky panties. She wiggled her hips and settled into my lap.

“Yes, Tara,” I said, raising my hand high. “It will hurt very much.”

6 responses to “Tara Asks for a Spanking – a fragment

  1. Let me bite your apple…

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