Camp Spank – #ASMSG #SatSpanks #Oct

Camp Spank by Alice Dark

Camp Spank by Alice Dark

Camp Spank – where the women are spanked, the men are caned, and in the end, the girl finds the girl of her dreams.

When two young women break Army regulations, the entire squad is forced on a a 20-mile overnight hike. The other women of Charlie Squad are furious with the two privates, and they band together to punish the two women for their indiscretions. But the punishment is exposed when young men sneak into camp to spy on the girls as they deliver a harsh spanking. Find out what happens when the girls of Charlie Squad discover the voyeurs and retaliate against the men.

WARNING: Contains mature adult themes, BDSM, F/f spanking, F/f and F/m caning, as well as explicit F/F sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 21 years and over.

In this #SatSpanks excerpt, Private Lori Griffin, squad leader for Charlie Squad, has recovered from a caning delivered by Sergeant Dominique Watson. While the punishment was Sergeant Watson’s idea, Lori agreed to taken the strokes, as she feels responsible for the bad behavior of her squad. In the aftermath of the punishment, Lori reflects on Dominique’s beauty.

Camp Spank #SatSpanks Excerpt

“Orders from the captain have us packed and ready to leave by 3:30 am tomorrow morning. Time for you to get some sleep.”

Lori watched Dominique’s lips as they opened and closed on each word. She remembered how gentle those lips were when they brushed her ear and touched her neck. The young private imagined pressing her own mouth against Dominique’s, reveling in the fire that she knew the woman had inside.

“Yes,” Lori whispered, caught by the sudden vision of the two of them rolling naked in the wilderness, white and black skin sliding against one another in a sheen of sweat. A sweet tangle of limbs and tongues, arching bodies hard against one another in a harsh drive for orgasm. “Sleep,” she murmured. With luck, Lori thought, she would dream of Dominique.

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17 responses to “Camp Spank – #ASMSG #SatSpanks #Oct

  1. A sweet tangle of limbs and tongues, arching bodies hard against one another in a harsh drive for orgasm. MmmMmmmm keep up the hard work. Camp Spank looks like a best seller 😉

  2. Sensual.LIke the way Lori is so moved by Dominique.

  3. I like Lori’s current infatuation with Dominique. I wonder if it’s going to turn out to be more?
    I also like the way you incorporated the contrast of their skin.

  4. This was nice and sweet, Alice – but I know how naughty this book is… 🙂 Nice piece.

  5. Very nice and sensual scene.

  6. I doubt sleep would come that easy – not with those thoughts in her head.

  7. Fantastic snippet. Loved it, and the visual it sparked. 😉

  8. I love Lori’s vision of her and Dominique rolling in the grass! I hope she isn’t just left to dream.

  9. I think she might need relief before she gets sleep! Much too erotic a thought to sleep on!

  10. I don’t think she’s going to get much sleep. Love the focus on her lips.

  11. Your work screams of sensuality (and spunky personality). I just love it!

  12. Why do I think sleeping is going to be the last thing on her mind?

  13. I love the sensuality of this. Great snippet Alice 🙂

  14. The power dynamics here are so damn hot, Alice.

  15. reneeroseauthor

    ooh, very sweet/hot moment.

  16. love the visual! So sexy!

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