The Spanky Dance – a fragment

I pick my target carefully and line the cane up for the initial stroke by touching it lightly to Lori’s naked bottom. Being sure of the stroke that I am about to deliver has as much to do with careful aim, as it does in frightening my submissive.

The targeting technique works. The instant the smooth, rattan cane touches the center of Lori’s delightful cheeks, she bends her knees and clenches her buttocks tight in anticipation of the stroke. Goose bumps shiver across her behind, and I know the wood is cool against her warm skin.

“Keep still, Lori,” I whisper, tapping her bottom cheeks three times. “Relax.”

But my instructions are counterintuitive to my sub’s instincts. Instead of unclenching, Lori grips the chair tighter. I hear her moan as she steels herself for the first impact.

Knowing that she will not relax until this is over, I bring the cane down hard, and it whistles eerily in our small bedroom.

For an instant, there is only silence. And then Lori screeches with pain, clutching her bottom cheeks and leaping into the “Spanky Dance.”

One response to “The Spanky Dance – a fragment

  1. Very hot … and very true!

    Well done:)

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