Lipstick Lesbian Reviews – Spell for Spanking

Spell for Spanking

Spell for Spanking

I want to thank the lovely lady at Lipstick Lesbian Reviews for taking the time to read and review my book, Spell for Spanking. It’s always good to know what other folks think of my writing!

And after you’ve finished the review of Spell, spend some time on Lipstick Lesbian Reviews and read about other fantastic books. She’s an awesome and insightful reader!


Isabel hails from a long line of talented witches. She spends her days working at a magic shop and hearing about her half-demon brother’s escapades. As she’s making her newest batch of a dark passion potion an ethereal red-head enters the store. After an embarrassing misunderstanding, Isabel hands the red-head, Tasha, the potion Tasha requested. However, shortly after Isabel realizes she switched the potions and accidentally gave Tasha the dark passion potion!

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