Lies get Lauren Spanked – a fragment

“You know that what you did was wrong, don’t you?” Gabriella’s words were slow, and deliberate. Her violet eyes shone with disappointment.

Lauren trembled and dropped her head. She sobbed softly, her tears staining the floor below.

“Why would you do that?” The annoyance was clear in Gabriella’s voice. “If you’d only asked me first.”

“I was afraid you’d say no,” Lauren mumbled, her chin tucked firmly against her chest. “And I really didn’t think you’d mind.”

Gabriella sighed and smoothed her skirt. “That’s not true, Lauren.” Gabriella clasped her slim hand in her lap. “You knew that I would mind very much. That’s why you didn’t say anything.”

Lauren didn’t answer. She snuffled and toed the carpet with one shoe.

“I hope it was worth it, Lauren.” Gabriella’s voice was silky smooth and soft. “Because now I’m going to spank you.”

Lauren gasped and risked a look into her girlfriend’s violet eyes. “Please, no,” she cried.

Gabriella continued, as though she hadn’t heard her girlfriend’s pleas. “I’m not spanking you for going.” Gabriella pursed her thick lips. “I’m going to spank you for lying to me.”

Lauren’s sobs started again. Cries that began deep in her chest. The young woman shook, but she didn’t move.

“I want you to take off your skirt and then lie across my lap.”

Trembling, Lauren found the zipper on her skirt. She drew it down slowly and avoided meeting her girlfriend’s eyes. The fabric slithered to the floor and pooled around Lauren’s ankles. Shuddering, the young woman stepped forward. She kicked the skirt free, and then slid across Gabriella’s lap.

“I don’t like having to spank you Lauren.” Gabriella brought her hand down lightly on Lauren’s panty-clad bottom.” But you lied.”

When the spanking began in earnest, Lauren’s sobs quickly shifted to loud cries. She screamed and kicked, but didn’t try to break free of her girlfriend’s grasp. The spanking started slow, yet gradually picked up in speed and intensity; Gabriella left no spot of Lauren’s bottom unspanked.

5 responses to “Lies get Lauren Spanked – a fragment

  1. I enjoy these fragments a lot!

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