Alisa’s Spanking – a fragment

She patted Alisa’s bottom lightly, taking care to place her palm squarely on both of the young woman’s bottom cheeks. It was as though Milicent was marking her territory with preliminary spankings. Softly. Gently. Milicent’s hand rose and fell, each time barely tapping Alisa’s behind.

Nevertheless, Alisa sucked in a sharp breath with each experimental stroke. Her buttocks clenched, and I admired the young woman’s finely developed muscles. Alisa knew better than to tighten in advance of a spanking. It only added fire to the strikes. But a human’s instinct is to either fight or flee. Alisa could do neither, so instead her body froze.

And then Milicent’s hand rose high above Alisa’s precious bottom. This, I knew, was not a practice swing, and I winced as the blow fell smartly across Alisa’s bare bottom. The resulting crack was like a pistol shot in the small room.

Alisa squeaked when the swat met her flesh. She jerked up her head, and I could see the pain in her blushing face. She kicked her feet, but held her tongue, and I had to admire her courage as the second blow fell.

For the first 10 strokes, Alisa no more than squeaked or moaned, though she arched her back, head and heels up, with tears bright in her eyes. By the 20th stroke, Alisa’s silence broke; she cried like a child, her bottom a bright red. As the 30th swat fell, Alisa was wiggling violently in Milicent’s lap. Alisa bawled loudly, and I realized that I’d never heard a grown woman issue sounds so hoarse and fearful.

At 35 swats, Milicent stopped the spanking, and then resumed the gentle pats that had begun this spanking session. After a moment, she set Alisa free. The young woman danced on her toes and rubbed her bare bottom, too preoccupied to lower her skirt. I watched as Alisa’s fingers tenderly probed her sore behind. Mentally, I sent her good wishes and willed her to meet my eyes. I wanted to tell her that it was okay; that the spanking would fade.

“All right, Heather.” Milicent raised her eyes to mine and beckoned with one finger. “It’s your turn.”

6 responses to “Alisa’s Spanking – a fragment

  1. Wow, tears filled her eyes after the 20th stroke.

  2. Oh gosh! I couldn’t watch knowing it was going to be my turn next. Loved the way she was dancing and rubbing her bottom.

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