Sylvia Wants a Spanking – a fragment

“You like this, don’t you Sylvia?”

It wasn’t a question, even though she’d phrased it that way. It was more of a declaration: Nancy had discovered my secret – a desire so dark that I kept hidden deep within myself. A desire that  I had never shared with anyone. Shaking, I opened my mouth to speak, but no sound came out. I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t even admit it to myself. Two more quick slaps followed the first, and involuntarily, I arched my ass higher, moaning my pleasure.

“Oh, Nancy,” I murmured.

She slapped my bare ass again, and the burn spread out over my backside. There wasn’t any real pain. Not yet. Just a stinging in my ass cheeks that caused me to wiggle in anticipation of the next strike. I was wet, and a familiar warmth grew in my belly.

“You love my hand across your ass, don’t you?”

Again, it was less of a question than it was a statement. I trembled as Nancy grazed my bottom cheeks with the tips of her fingers.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Say it again. Louder.”

I had to swallow before I could speak. “I love your hand on my ass.”

I waited for Nancy’s reaction to my admission, and snuggled tightly into her lap, burying my head in the cushions to hide my shame. My secret was out. An ill-kept secret, but never before spoken aloud. I was fearful of what she would say.

“Good,” Nancy replied. Her voice was low and throaty. “And it’s more than just my hand on your ass,” she said. “You love being spanked, don’t you, Sylvia?”

Before I could answer, she slapped my bottom again. Harder. A meaty smack that brought my head up. I gasped, and Nancy landed another blow. And then another. And another. A ferocious heat built up across my bottom cheeks, and to my shame, I felt a similar warmth low in my gut. My pussy was wet, and I wanted desperately to masturbate as Nancy spanked me. I was confused and just a little frightened by my desires. And yet, as my tears soaked the cushion, I wiggled my ass in anticipation of the next strike.

“Oh yes,” I cried, raising my ass to meet her hand. “Please Nancy. Please spank me. Please spank my ass.”

Nancy said nothing, though she was breathing harshly as the rain of fiery strokes continued.

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