Monica’s Need – a fragment

Lesbian_LoveMonica closed the door gently so that the latch barely snicked as the door shut. Twisting the lock to ensure no interruptions, she turned and took my hand, drawing me closer. Monica smiled as she fiddled with the buttons of my blouse and leaned close to brush my lips with her own.

Though I was in no hurry, I raised my own hands to the buttons of her blouse. As the top button opened, I kissed her bare skin. Monica shivered at the touch of my lips. Squeezed together like two butterflies, our urgent need for one another spread like wildfire across our bodies. Our fingers fluttered as each button came free and our blouses opened. I encircled Monica’s waist with my arms and drew her close to my body. The bare skin of her belly was warm against my flesh.

Moaning softly, I pushed Monica back against the bed until we toppled over onto one another. My lips, my breasts, my tummy – all pressed tightly against her; we were a perfect match in size and need.

Sliding my hands down her back, I pulled her hips closer to me. Our breath was fire in one another’s mouth, and I could taste her desire.

I wanted more. I wanted her lips on my body. Her tongue deep inside of me. I wanted all of Monica.

Forcing myself upright, I straddled her hips and looked down at my lover. Her dark eyes flashed her need for me, and I slid my hand up her body and underneath her bra to cup her breast. Rubbing my thumb across her nipple, I felt her stiffen; she wanted more.

photo credit: LesMedia via photopin cc

One response to “Monica’s Need – a fragment

  1. This sounds like it could turn into something more “hardcore” 😀

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