Sylvia Spanks Mona – a fragment

“Are you ready young lady?” Sylvia smiled as she patted Mona’s small, firm bottom cheeks.

Mona shivered as her girlfriend’s cool fingers stroked her bottom. Slowly, Mona nodded her head, her ponytail bobbing up and down. Mona clenched her ass cheeks tightly, trying to compose herself, so that she could take her spanking gracefully.

It would have been easier to just lean across Sylvia’s desk for just a couple of swats from their old sorority paddle. While still painful, there would have at least been some small bit of dignity in that kind of punishment. But this was different. Sylvia had insisted that Mona take her spanking like a little girl – bare bottomed and over her Sylvia’s knee.

So humiliating!

Yet, Mona knew that was why Sylvia chose to spank her over the knee; it was embarrassing, and a lesson that Mona would not soon forget.

“All right, Mona.” Sylvia patted her lap. “Assume the position.”

Blushing brightly, Mona leaned forward and arranged herself over Sylvia’s lap. Mona was tall, and both her hands and feet touched the floor. And that put her bare bottom in a perfect position for a sound spanking.

Sylvia didn’t wait for Mona to settle into her lap. She raised her hand and landed it sharply on Mona’s right cheek with a resounding smack.

“Oooo!” The impact was loud in their small bedroom, but the swat didn’t yet have the bite of true punishment. Mona closed her tightly as the next blow fell. She was balanced precariously on Sylvia’s, and every muscle in her body tensed in anticipation of further impacts.

“Smack, smack, smack!”

Sylvia’s hand fell into a steady rhythm, alternating between the left and right side of Mona’s lovely bottom cheeks, and the young woman cried out, raising her bottom higher to meet the next impact.

2 responses to “Sylvia Spanks Mona – a fragment

  1. Wow, such a short entry, but loved every bit of it. This was nice as well —> Mona’s small, firm bottom cheeks. <———-i love small and firm bottoms 🙂

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