Linda Gets the Hairbrush – a fragment

Violet pressed her lips together into a thin white line and nodded her head. She clasped her hands together at her waist and interlaced her fingers. “You’ve told me in the past that you understand me, Linda.” Violet paced deliberately to the dresser. As she walked, Violet raised her clasped hands and pointed at her girlfriend with two fingers. “But I’m not so sure that you really do.” Violet unlaced her fingers. “This time, I’m going to make sure that you understand.”

Bad Girls get Spanked

Bad Girls get Paddled

Linda’s face paled, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw Violet pick up her favorite oval, wooden hairbrush. Deep down, Linda knew that neither of them would use the brush on her hair. A chill of goosebumps raised across her flesh. Violet had used that brush on her bottom before, when she thought Linda was not paying close enough attention.

“Violet, please,” she cried. “There’s no need. I know that what I did was wrong!” Linda held up her hands; her slim fingers trembled. “Please, Violet. Don’t do this!” In the back of Linda’s mind were the memories of the many spankings she’d received over the years. Oftentimes, Linda couldn’t sit down properly for days after punishment.

Violet turned her back on her girlfriend, and then sat on the edge of the bed. She pointed her handcrafted Widu hairbrush at the terrified girl. The brush had been a gift from Violet’s mother: A proper brush for both ends of a woman’s body, her mother had said.

“You should have thought about the consequences of your actions earlier,” Violet said, holding the brush out stiffly. “Now get over here.”

“No, Violet, please!” But even as Linda begged, she shuffled slowly toward the bed. “Really! I understand! I won’t do it again!” Unconsciously, Linda smoothed her plaid skirt with nervous fingers. “I don’t want you to spank me!”

Violet sat the brush on the bed, and then took Linda’s hand. She pulled her girlfriend closer, and then tipped the young woman across her lap. Linda whoofed as her stomach met Violet’s knees.

“You should have paid attention,” Violet said. “All of this could have been avoided.” Violet raised her trembling girlfriend’s short skirt, then hooked her fingers in the waistband of Linda’s panties.

“Oh, god, Violet! Please. Not on my bare bottom.” Linda knew at this point that her punishment was unavoidable. Her bottom cheeks tensed as Violet slipped her panties down. “Violet!”

The young woman didn’t answer. Instead, she retrieved the Widu hairbrush from the edge of the bed. “You’ve needed this for a long time,” she said, as raised the brush high over her shoulder.

4 responses to “Linda Gets the Hairbrush – a fragment

  1. The brush had been a gift from Violet’s mother: A proper brush for both ends of a woman’s body, her mother had said.

    Perfect!!!! Reminds me of when my mother used the hairbrush on me. Ouch.

  2. Are there more to these stories somewhere or is that just it? Sorry if that’s a dumb question but I’m new to this sight 🙂

    • These are the fragments, my dear. I use them to practice my writing. Sometimes there is more on the site. Other times, the fragments are expanded and end up in one of my books. I love writing, and I’m constantly dashing off paragraphs and thoughts. Many of them end up here.

      There are some full stories on the site. Have a look around and let me know what you think!

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