Gloria is Caned – a fragment

“I want you to bend over the chair and get a good grip on the seat.”

Gloria’s eyes widened at her girlfriend’s demand. Over the last few days, Jennifer had threatened to spank her, if Gloria didn’t change her ways. After so many threats, the redhead had decided that Jennifer was bluffing.

But now Gloria wasn’t so sure. Jennifer gripped a short rod tightly in her right hand, and she was fairly shaking with rage.

“Now!” Jennifer snapped, raising the cane and pointing at the chair. “Bend over the chair, now!”

Gloria’s mouth opened. She was about to protest. But one quick glance into her girlfriend’s eyes was enough to convince her to obey. Gloria saw anger in Jennifer’s pretty, blue eyes. Something she had never seen before.

Hesitantly, Gloria leaned over the chair back. She was just tall enough to reach the edge of the seat, but had to stretch to grip her fingers around the edge. Dazed, Glorian still couldn’t believe that Jennifer would actually use the cane on her backside.

Then Gloria felt Jennifer’s fingers twist the hem of her skirt. The redhead tensed as Jennifer rolled her skirt and tucked it into her belt, out of the way. Gloria’s white panties – the only protection the redhead’s upturned bottom would have from Jennifer’s cane – were now exposed.

Involuntarily, Gloria trembled.

“Please,” she whispered. “Don’t do this.”

Jennifer responded with a sudden open-handed slap on Gloria’s backside.

“No!” Gloria jerked her head up and howled. She’d been spanked at home by her parents, but it had never hurt so much. At first Gloria thought Jennifer’s slap was the first stroke of the cane, but then she realised it was only her girlfriend’s hand.

Gloria looked over her shoulder and saw Jennifer raise the cane.

“Six strokes, Gloria,” Jennifer said, lifting the cane above her shoulder. “And you’d better stay in position, or I’ll add another stroke!”


The cane whipped across Gloria’s pantied-covered bottom. Gloria screamed and leapt upright. She spun where she stood to face Jennifer, her fingers clutching her stinging bottom.

Calmly, Jennifer waited for her girlfriend’s cries to subside. When they did, Jennifer pointed at the chair again.

“That stroke doesn’t count,” she said. “Now, bend over. You still have six to go.”

12 responses to “Gloria is Caned – a fragment

  1. Love! That stroke didn’t count….get back over the chair!

  2. Hot as always! I wonder how many strokes the poor girl will take before she stays in place for the full six…

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  4. The scene worked for me: I felt fear, heart-thumping excitement, and pain, of course, then arousal. I identified with Gloria from the onset and felt her sense of helplessness and vulnerability from the start, especially when she leaned over the chair back for the first stroke, which is usually the worst. It’s nearly impossible to stay in that position for long. How devious of her girlfriend, but intriguing.

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  6. Hello,

    My name is Princess and we live a DD life and run a DD website. Would you be interested in a link exchange?

    Princess. x

  7. Hey there my Evil Queen. It’s @Agirlyaussie. Your words send tingles between my legs. It’s a very messy job, but I’m glad you’re there to do it. Grrr. Let me know how you are, my long-term girl of mystery. XXX

  8. Wow….It’s been since 2014. :-/

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