Sophia’s Bare-Ass Spanking

That is not a valid excuse, Sophia,” Alice said, frowning at her girlfriend. “You should be ashamed.”

Alice noted the smugness in Sophia’s grin.

Whatever,” Sophia said snickering. “It’s not like-”

Alice’s eyes snapped wide, and she cut her girlfriend off in mid-sentence. “Excuse us Caningsma’am,” Alice said the storekeeper. “We’ll be right back.” Alice snatched Sophia’s hand and dragged her out of the store.

Alice! Alice, where are we going?” she asked as she to keep up with my Alice’s stride.

Alice didn’t answer. She stopped her mad march just long enough to ask the location of the bathroom, then continued on. When the two girls got to the bathroom, Alice paused, then chose the family restroom situated in between the men’s and women’s room. She dragged her girlfriend inside and threw the lock on the door. There was an old couch pushed up against one wall, and Alice sat in a huff, still holding her girlfriend’s arm.

Alice?” Sophia asked, suddenly very nervous. She didn’t struggle in Alice’s grip, as that would only make her girlfriend more angry.

I can’t believe your behavior!” Alice snapped back. “You’ve acted like a spoiled child!” With her free hand, Alice unsnapped Sophias cut-offs and snatched them down to the girl’s knees. Then, in one motion, she yanked the girl’s panties down as well.

Alice! No! You can’t! Not here!”

Alice ignored Sophia’s pleas, and tipped her girlfriend now nude from the waist down into her lap. Quickly, she delivered a stinging SMACK! to Sophia’s bare bottom!

You ought to be ashamed,” Alice said. “When you and I are finished, you’re going back out into that store and apologize!” Alice punctuated each angry word with a SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Sophia was quickly crying, but Alice did not stop spanking her girlfriend. Her hand rose and fell SMACK! SMACK! until Sophia began to sob her apologies into the fabric of the couch.

Please,” Sophia moaned. “I’ll be-” SMACK! SMACK! “good, I promise!” SMACK! SMACK! “Please, no-” SMACK! SMACK! “more, Alice. Please!”

Finally, Alice stopped. She gently rubbed her girlfriend’s ass in a circular motion before standing her up on her feet. Alice helped Sophia pull up her panties and shorts, then pulled her girlfriend into a hug. Alice pressed her face into Sophia’s stomach for a moment, then looked up.

I love you Sophia, but you will not act that way. Do you understand?”

Yes ma’am,” Sophia said, snuffling back her tears.

Masturbation Monday

3 responses to “Sophia’s Bare-Ass Spanking

  1. Oh my
    What fun

  2. Love a good spanking.

  3. Sometimes a good spanking fixes everything.

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