Sorority House Spanking

SororityHouseWhen a dozen freshmen girls break the rules of the sorority house, it’s up to the senior girls to teach them a very public lesson. But the punishment of the girls has unexpected results, and two young women find themselves entangled in their own spanko relationship. WARNING: Contains mature adult themes among multiple partners, BDSM, spanking and explicit sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 19 years and over.

Below is an excerpt from Sorority House Spanking

“These girls,” Andrea began, raising her voice so that all could hear, “have embarrassed our sorority.” Andrea tapped her paddle against her leg as she spoke – a soft thwap-thwap-thawp that seemed to pick up the cadence of her speech. “Bad behavior in or out of the house is not tolerated,” she said. “We expect our girls to behave like young women at all times.”

The line of freshmen girls was restless, and they shifted from foot to foot as our sorority president chastised them in front of the large crowd of fellow students.

“Ms Rodriguez is our house mother,” Arlene continued. “She manages the house; pays the bills; makes certain that we have a safe place to live.” thwap-thwap-thawp “She’s not here to clean up after you!”

Without realizing it, I squeezed Andrea’s hand tightly, and she squeaked. I eased my grip and leaned close. “There’s about to be a very public spanking,” I whispered.

I could feel Andrea tense at my words, and I wasn’t sure what she thought about the impending paddling of the freshmen girls.

“They’re going to spank Lisa,” Arlene whispered urgently. “She’s that brunette with the cute, little round ass near the end of the line.”

Her comment was enough. I looked over at Andrea, and I could see the lust in her eyes. This girl’s desires were easily as kinky as mine; She was as turned on by what was about to happen as I was.

A loud command interrupted our whispered conversation.

“Bend over!”

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