Camp Spank

Camp Spank by Alice Dark

Camp Spank by Alice Dark

Camp Spank – where the women are spanked, the men are caned, and in the end, the girl finds the girl of her dreams.

In Camp Spank, two young women break Army regulations, and as punishment for their misbehavior, the entire squad is sent out on a 20-mile overnight hike. The other women of Charlie Squad are furious with the two privates, and they band together to punish the two women for their indiscretions. But that punishment is exposed when young men sneak into camp to spy on the girls as they deliver a harsh spanking. Find out what happens when the girls of Charlie Squad discover the voyeurs and retaliate against the men.

WARNING: Contains mature adult themes, BDSM, spanking, caning and explicit F/F sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are between adults aged 21 years and over.



This time, it was Kiyoko who administered a bare-handed swat to Bri’s bottom, and the young Japanese women had not held back. “Hold still, you little bitch!” Kiyoko still straddled the blonde’s legs. She leaned her head back and nodded at the bright handprint forming on Bri’s backside. “Like that,” she said, glaring at Carmen. “Put some of that Mexican muscle into that spanking!”

The young Hispanic girl’s eyes widened furiously at the rebuke. “How many times,” Carmen said, raising the brush high, “do I have to tell you that I’m Dominican?” This time, Carmen didn’t hold back, but brought the brush down with her full strength. A resounding smack! echoed in the enclosed space, trapped by the heavy canvas tent walls. As one, the surrounding girls took a huge breath. Mandy howled into her gag and tried to fling herself free of the women holding her down. Her feet kicked uselessly against the ground, and she arched her back in an attempt to throw off her tormentors. But Mandy’s struggles were to no avail. Rosemary sat on her arms. Staci sat on Mandy’s legs.

Both of them,” Kiyoko snarled, shaking her black hair out of her eyes. The young Asian woman straddled Bri’s calves, and she had her hands pressed firmly against the young woman’s thighs. In front of her, Jenelle held Bri’s arms outstretched. “You have to get 15 demerits worth out of both their asses!” Kiyoko hissed. “Spank them both!” Kiyoko tipped her head out of the way as she watched the brush rise in Carmen’s brown hand. Both of the young women had fierce grins on their faces, their teeth showing in fury and delight.

Another smack! echoed in the tent, as Carmen changed her aim to target Bri’s bottom. The girl’s full cheeks wobbled under the impact of brush, and the bright red bloom of pain was immediate. Bri screamed into her gag, and she fought to free herself. She was a strong girl, but not powerful enough to break loose of the two women who had her pinned to the floor. Her bottom throbbed, and her pelvis pounded the floor.

Daniel huffed when he saw the brush impact Mandy’s sweet ass a third time. His dream was coming true! A gang of 18 women had pinned two blonde girls to the ground for a sound spanking. And both of the blondes looked to be rich and spoiled. Bratty, he was sure, and probably cheerleaders at some point in their lives. In his own private fantasy, Daniel decided that Mandy and Bri were the popular girls. The stinking-rich, snobby girls – the type of girls who snubbed him when he was younger and pretended that they were better than everyone else. Daniel grinned wickedly as he saw Carmen raise the brush and bring it down again and again, alternately smacking each blonde’s wildly gyrating ass. The Dominican girl had found her spanking groove, and the meaty smacks! merged with the moans of pain from the struggling blonde girls.

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