Naughty Girl Service

Naughty Girl Service

Naughty Girl Service

Blake has an obsession with beautiful butts, especially the idea of seeing one woman spank another woman. But when hires Aisha and Tanya to come to his home and spank each other’s bottom cheeks while he watches, the beautiful young women turn the tables on Blake, when he refuses to tip them for their spanking services. Find out what happens these lovely ladies are scorned!

WARNING: Contains mature adult themes, BDSM, spanking, and explicit situations. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 21 years and over.


“Naughty Girl Service, where your dreams redden our bottoms. How may I help you?”

The cell phone was slick in Blake’s hands. His palms were moist. Beads of sweat dotted his forehead. Blake’s breath was shallow and rapid. He took the phone from his ear and stared at the glowing face. 555-555-1212 He’d called the right number. It connected. And now, the little man struggled for words.

“This is Naughty Girl Service. Are you there?”

Blake jammed the phone against his ear. He took a deep breath. “Is this Naughty Girl Service?” Even as the words escaped his lips, Blake mentally cursed his verbal gaff. Of course it’s Naughty Girl Service, he thought. That’s who answered the goddamn phone!

The young lady at the other end of the connection answered smoothly. “Yes, sir,” she said, apparently sensing Blake’s unease. “Is this your first time calling our service?”

“No, no. Well, I mean, yes.” Another bead of sweat formed on Blake’s upper lip. He licked it away and went on. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I don’t know what I mean.” The call wasn’t going according to plan. Blake wanted to be smooth and debonair, getting the prices, and if he could afford it, he’d get a spanking to-go. At least, that’s the conversation he had played out in his head while he was in the shower: a sort of he-said, she-said transaction.

“It’s okay, sir. I understand. Take your time. Many of of our customers are nervous the first time.”

The young woman’s understanding soothed Blake’s jangled nerves, and he immediately liked the young woman, even though he hadn’t yet met her face to face. Her voice was like silver, smooth and bright.

“I’m Lucretia,” she said. “Suppose you tell me your name, and we can get this started.”

“My name?” Blake squeaked. He hadn’t counted on being asked for his name. “Why do you need my name?”

“It just makes things easier, sir. If you decide to engage Naughty Girl Service, we would have to know where to send our wicked girls. Your name would help in that process.”

“Girls?” Blake caught the emphasis on the plural. “What do you mean, girls?”

“I’m sorry, sir.” Lucretia took a quick breath. “I’m jumping ahead of myself. You haven’t even decided if you want our services, yet.”

“But, girls?”

“Yes, sir.” Lucretia’s voice brightened even further as she delivered a well-practiced spiel. “This week only, we have a two-for-one special; two girls for one price. Double the cheeks. Double the spanking.”

Blake nearly choked. “Two girls,” he whispered.

“Yes, sir. Double the cheeks. Double-”

“Blake,” the little man blurted, interrupting Lucretia in the middle of her pitch.

“I’m sorry, sir?”

“Blake,” he said again. His mouth filled rapidly with saliva. The young man gulped. “My name’s Blake Peterson.”

“Hello, Blake. As I said, I’m Lucretia, and I’m here to help you fulfill your spanking dreams.”

“You said something about two girls for the price of one?”

“Yes, sir. You pick out the girls you want, and we send them over.”

Read more about Blake’s misadventures when he hires two young women to come to his and spank each other. At first, the scene between Tanya and Aisha goes smoothly. But when Blake refuses to tip the young women, the tone of the scene entirely shifts.

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