Sorority Heat: A Tale of Revenge, Humiliation & Caning

dominatrix in black leather corset with riding cropWhen Beth and Ally humiliate the girls of another sorority, it’s left to Yvette Sharp to see that the two young women are punished for their misdeeds. Yvette calls on Mistress Arlene, a latex-clad Dominatrix, to deliver a harsh caning that takes the girls to the edges of obedience and pleasure, before turning the girls over to the entire sorority for punishment! This story features enemas, figging, caning, a dildo-mask, humiliation and punishment. WARNING: Contains mature adult themes and explicit sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 18 years over. 24.5K words


“Ten strokes,” Arlene said, nodding at Claire. “That’s how we make tea at my sorority house.” Arlene smiled and patted Beth’s bare bottom with her free hand.

Suddenly, it was all very clear to Claire. She and Arlene were about to whip Ally and Beth, who were even now had tea bags dangling from breasts. The resulting strikes to the girl’s lovely, upturned asses would cause them to bob forward – dipping the tea bags into the hot water. “But the ginger?” Claire wondered aloud. “What does that do?”

“Nothing at all,” Arlene said. She licked her teeth and smiled wide enough for Claire to see that the tall, blond Dominatrix had very prominent incisors. “Unless she clenches her butt cheeks.” The smile now was wicked, and Arlene cut the air beside Beth with her cane. The girl flinched, but otherwise didn’t move. “If the girl tightens her ass around the ginger, a delightful warmth will spread through her – a warmth that turns to a burning that she feels deep inside.” Arlene patted Beth’s backside again. “Think of it as a little ginger with your tea.”

Arlene frowned for a moment. “Have you ever whipped a girl, Claire?” she asked, walking around the table. “And I don’t mean those silly paddles,” she said. “I mean a proper caning!”

The Dominatrix took up a position behind Claire, towering over the sorority president in her stiletto heels. Shifting her own cane to her left hand, Arlene held Claire’s hand and pressed her pubic bone against the small of the young woman’s back.

“I-I don’t think so,” Claire stuttered. With the Dominatrix’s body so close to hers, Claire felt as thought she would swoon. Arlene’s scent and strength were overpowering, and Claire gasped sharply as the Dominatrix raised the hand she held the cane with high.

“It’s all in the wrist,” Arlene said, holding Claire’s hand high above her head. “No need for a death grip on the cane. A firm hold will do. And when you bring it down, snap the cane forward onto her ass cheeks.” Arlene paused for a moment. Around them, the group of sorority girls pressed in. Arlene noted that none were so close as to interfere with a full swing of the cane, yet she still glared at them. As a group, they shuffled backward a step.

Arlene bent forward and whispered loudly in Claire’s ear. “I’m sure Ally won’t mind a practice swing,” she said, licking the sorority president’s ear lobe. “After all. If this punishment is to count at all, it must be done correctly.” Arlene didn’t wait for Claire to think about what she’d said. Shifting her grip on the sorority president’s wrist, she brought the girl’s hand down sharply!


The blow took Ally by surprise, and she stood straight up, howling and rubbing her ass.

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