Spell for Spanking: A Lesbian Spanking Romance

Spell for Spanking

Spell for Spanking

When Isabel inadvertently gives a fiery redhead a love potion, it arouses dark passions in Tasha, an elf half-breed, and leads to a night of lust, spanking and love. But when the potion wears off, the women are faced with the results of their night of passion.  WARNING: Contains mature adult themes, BDSM, spanking, anal play and explicit sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 21 years and over.


Tasha pulled the car into the deep woods and pushed Isabel away. The redhead was hanging onto her sanity by a thread; she had to make it to the cabin! “Come on, Isabel. Get out of the car.”

The young shopkeeper flung open the passenger’s door of the Mustang and rolled out of the convertible onto the ground. “Help me,” she cried, stumbling in the gravel. “Please, Tasha.”

The redhead rolled her eyes at the drama of the witch and licked her full lips. She didn’t dare approach the Isabel. Not now. Not when they were so close to the cabin. Huge guardian oaks towered over the young women, and Isabel was beautiful in the dappled sunlight. She was a brunette with pale skin, full lips and bright blue eyes. A slim girl, Isabel was almost boyish in some ways, with small breasts and a narrow waist. But Isabel’s hips gave her away as all woman – full and wide, she was a big-bottomed girl, with an ass that begged to be spanked. Tasha licked her lips again, and imagined Isabel stripped of her simple frock, naked in the cool grass that surrounded the cabin.

“Damnit,” Tasha moaned. The full effect of the dark love potion was taking hold, and all the elf half-blood wanted was to have Isabel in her arms, skin to skin, a tangle of limbs and tongues. With an iron will, Tasha shook herself free of wicked thoughts and turned to the cabin. “Come on,” she said. “We’ve got to get inside.”

Isabel huffed, then stood and followed the redhead up the path to the ancient dwelling. Shuffling quickly, the young witch caught up with Tasha and threw her arms around the girl’s waist. “You’re overdressed,” she said simply, her voice low – a growl in her throat. Hooking her fingers in the bodice of Tasha’s sundress, Isabel ripped it from the redhead’s body.

Whirling, Tasha stood in the long grass that surrounded the cabin, clad only in her white, cotton panties and lacy bra. Her legs were spread wide, and Tasha’s breasts heaved as she snarled her fingers in Isabel’s hair and dragged the shopkeeper into an embrace. Their lips met, and Tasha’s mouth felt as though it was on fire with the fury of Isabel’s probing tongue. With one leg, the redhead tripped tripped Isabel, forcing the young witch backward until she fell. Tasha crashed to the ground with Isabel, their lips locked in a fiery kiss.

Tasha pressed her body hard against Isabel’s. One fist was snarled in the shopkeeper’s long, brunette locks, while the other massaged the witch’s flesh through her dress. Tasha felt the young woman tremble in her arms, and for a moment, Isabel’s entire body tensed. It was a prelude to an orgasm – a minor tremor that shook Isabel’s frame, and then left her rigid and wanting more.

Their kiss was almost a battle – a tangle of tongues and fierce desire. But Tasha was the aggressor, and she dominated the embrace. The elf half-blood had the control and leverage that she needed to decide when the kiss would end. The redhead was on top of Isabel, pinning the smaller girl to the ground. Suddenly, Tasha broke their fierce clench and sat up, straddling Isabel. Her panties were wet; the moisture from her pussy soaked through the thin material, and there was a corresponding wet spot on the front of Isabel’s dress. From her vantage point, Tasha was a green-eyed goddess looking down on the young witch. Her long red hair fell forward, shadowing the beauty of her creamy complexion.

“I’ve ruined your frock,” Tasha growled, noting the moisture on the fabric. “I don’t think you need it anymore.” She gripped the front of Isabel’s simple dress and ripped outward. The buttons on the front of the frock popped free one at a time, flying like angry insects around Tasha’s head. Beneath her clothing, Isabel wore a simple white bra that fastened at the back. Tasha flashed a wicked smile and bent forward. Burying her head between Isabel’s small breasts, she gripped the center of the bra between her teeth and snapped her head back. Under normal circumstances, the material might have held against the onslaught. But not this time – not when the power of the dark love potion fueled Tasha’s lust. The snaps that held the bra in place gave away easily, and Isabel groaned loudly as her breasts were freed.

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