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Camp Spank – an excerpt

It’s really just two privates in your squad who got the majority of those demerits.” Without an explanation, Dominique placed the stick in Lori’s lap and then leaned against her desk, towering over the young private. “Private Bekins and Private Meriwether earned 16 of those infractions.” Dominique licked her dark lips and folded her arms across her ample breasts. She crossed her legs and leaned further back against the desk. “That means that the rest of your squad did well, with just five demerits.”

Lori heard the words, but the meaning just wasn’t sinking in. She was too focused on the object Dominique had placed in her lap. It wasn’t a stick, nor a pointer. It was a cane about three feet long with a curved

Camp Spank

Camp Spank

handle. Yet it was too thin to support any weight. The cane was barely a half an inch thick at its widest and tapered to less than quarter of an inch. Along its length were five knuckles that appeared to have been rubbed smooth. The cane had a dull shine under the glare of the overhead fluorescent lights, and Lori wrapped her trembling fingers around the cane’s center so that it didn’t fall to the floor.

Are you listening to me, Lori?”

At the sound of her name, the young private snapped her gaze upward. She met the black woman’s dark eyes with her own and swallowed hard. “My squad did well, except-”

Dominique cut the young woman off. “There is no except, Lori. Your squad is a team, and as you said, you’re the leader of that team.”

Lori nodded slowly. Her sergeant’s dark skin gleamed under the harsh light. “Yes, ma’am. I am the squad leader.”

The sergeant nodded her head slowly. Her eyes narrowed. “That cane you’re holding is made of rattan,” Dominique murmured. Lori shook her head and blinked her wide blue eyes at sudden change in subject. “I’ve had that cane for several years,” Dominique continued, “and I’ve only used it when I thought that a young woman was in a bad situation, yet was still worth saving.”

Lori took a long, shuddering breath. She gripped the cane tightly. “Used it, ma’am?”

Military justice can be harsh, Lori. You and I both know that.” Dominique leaned forward slightly, and it was only then that Lori noticed that the sergeant had unbuttoned the top button of her green fatigue shirt. Her sergeant’s cleavage was stunning, and for a moment, Lori had trouble focusing on the conversation. “It’s true that Bekins and Meriwether would bear the brunt of any punishment that comes as a result of those demerits, but you, too, would be affected by their bad behavior.”

Lori licked her lips as she looked up at the black woman. A mixture of fear and lust blew through the young woman, like a cold wind, and the private trembled as she sat in the wooden chair, tightly gripping the cane in her lap. Lori was focused entirely on the black woman now. The way her lips moved when she spoke. The bright pink of her tongue. Her teeth, big and almost luminous.

I want you to stand up, Lori.” Dominique moved the glasses and bottle of scotch to one side of her desk and then motioned to the young private. “Hand me the cane, and then lean over my desk.”

Spanking Clarice – a fragment

Sister Mary adjusted her robe and waved her hand. “Before you give me that paddle,” the nun said, “I want you to examine it.” The nun grinned and showed her teeth. “This type of paddle isn’t easy to find, as I wanted one that was made of redwood, because it has a color that matches the tone of a spanked ass.” The nun licked her thick lips; Clarice put her head down. “But redwood is heavy, and the man who owned the store talked me out of that particular paddle. Instead, he suggested a hickory paddle.” The nun’s eyes were on Clarice’s downcast face. “The owner of the store explained that a lighter paddle would sting as much as the heavier version, and would not wear out my arm. And the color of hickory is delightful!”

Sister Mary put out one hand and stroked the paddle that Clarice held. “You can see,” the nun said, “how well polished it is, Clarice. The edges rounded, and I’ve had one of my punished students coat it with three coats of lacquer.” The nun put her fingers under the girl’s chin and raised her face so Clarice could meet her eyes. “You can’t help but admire the hickory’s grain,” the nun said, stroking the girl’s cheek. “I sought out a long paddle, so that I could deliver the spankings easily. The head is fifteen inches long, and five inches in width.” The nun smiled and licked her lips again. Telling Clarice the story of the paddle was making Sister Mary hot! “There’s luck in multiples of five,” the nun said. “The handle is 10 inches long. You are fortunate that I found this paddle when I did. It was was the last of its kind and very expensive. But it is worth it, because I know that you will benefit from this experience.”

Vacation Arrest – an excerpt

Katherine had already learned that her young intern had an almost shocking sexual appetite that went far beyond what most college graduates could claim. Lindsay told stories about her numerous lovers and sexual escapades that would make even the horniest young man blush. And she had the kind of body that could turn a man’s head. Lindsay had a beautiful figure – a perfect 34-24-34, and her pert little “B” cup breasts were slightly cone-shaped and topped with thick brown nipples. Lindsay had a slim waist and long legs that fit her 5′ 6” form beautifully. She wore her long, black hair shoved straight back, and she had a clear complexion with just a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. That hair set off Lindsay’s eyes, which were a startling, bright blue.

Vacation Arrest: A Tale of Humiliation, Caning and Submission

Vacation Arrest: A Tale of Humiliation, Caning and Submission

What Katherine found most delightful about the young woman was that she seemed to be in a constant state of arousal. During the two days they had been in the car, sex was the dominant topic of their conversations. Even now, Lindsay had described her dream as delicious, and Katherine knew that once again, the girl was thinking about sex.

“It was a kinky dream,” Lindsay said. “Dark. Brooding. Kind of swirly, and I wasn’t sure where I was. But there was a man there; he was magnificent!”

“It was just a dream, Lindsay.”

“I think his name was Derek, or Dirk, or Dick – something like that.” Lindsay turned her seat. “He was big and bare-chested, wearing a black, leather jacket. No shirt, just the jacket, a pair of jeans and black boots.” Lindsay licked her lips. “He had a paddle in his right hand, and he gave me that come-hither wave with his left hand.”

Spell for Spanking – excerpt

Tasha pulled the car into the deep woods and pushed Isabel away. The redhead was hanging onto her sanity by a thread; she had to make it to the cabin! “Come

Spell for Spanking

on, Isabel. Get out of the car.”

The young shopkeeper flung open the passenger’s door of the Mustang and rolled out of the convertible onto the ground. “Help me,” she cried, stumbling in the gravel. “Please, Tasha.”

The redhead rolled her eyes at the drama of the witch and licked her full lips. She didn’t dare approach the Isabel. Not now. Not when they were so close to the cabin. Huge guardian oaks towered over the young women, and Isabel was beautiful in the dappled sunlight. She was a brunette with pale skin, full lips and bright blue eyes. A slim girl, Isabel was almost boyish in some ways, with small breasts and a narrow waist. But Isabel’s hips gave her away as all woman – full and wide, she was a big-bottomed girl, with an ass that begged to be spanked. Tasha licked her lips again, and imagined Isabel stripped of her simple frock, naked in the cool grass that surrounded the cabin.

“Damnit,” Tasha moaned. The full effect of the dark love potion was taking hold, and all the elf half-blood wanted was to have Isabel in her arms, skin to skin, a tangle of limbs and tongues. With an iron will, Tasha shook herself free of wicked thoughts and turned to the cabin. “Come on,” she said. “We’ve got to get inside.”

Isabel huffed, then stood and followed the redhead up the path to the ancient dwelling. Shuffling quickly, the young witch caught up with Tasha and threw her arms around the girl’s waist. “You’re overdressed,” she said simply, her voice low – a growl in her throat. Hooking her fingers in the bodice of Tasha’s sundress, Isabel ripped it from the redhead’s body.

Whirling, Tasha stood in the long grass that surrounded the cabin, clad only in her white, cotton panties and lacy bra. Her legs were spread wide, and Tasha’s breasts heaved as she snarled her fingers in Isabel’s hair and dragged the shopkeeper into an embrace. Their lips met, and Tasha’s mouth felt as though it was on fire with the fury of Isabel’s probing tongue. With one leg, the redhead tripped tripped Isabel, forcing the young witch backward until she fell. Tasha crashed to the ground with Isabel, their lips locked in a fiery kiss.

Tasha pressed her body hard against Isabel’s. One fist was snarled in the shopkeeper’s long, brunette locks, while the other massaged the witch’s flesh through her dress. Tasha felt the young woman tremble in her arms, and for a moment, Isabel’s entire body tensed. It was a prelude to an orgasm – a minor tremor that shook Isabel’s frame, and then left her rigid and wanting more.

Their kiss was almost a battle – a tangle of tongues and fierce desire. But Tasha was the aggressor, and she dominated the embrace. The elf half-blood had the control and leverage that she needed to decide when the kiss would end. The redhead was on top of Isabel, pinning the smaller girl to the ground. Suddenly, Tasha broke their fierce clench and sat up, straddling Isabel. Her panties were wet; the moisture from her pussy soaked through the thin material, and there was a corresponding wet spot on the front of Isabel’s dress. From her vantage point, Tasha was a green-eyed goddess looking down on the young witch. Her long red hair fell forward, shadowing the beauty of her creamy complexion.

“I’ve ruined your frock,” Tasha growled, noting the moisture on the fabric. “I don’t think you need it anymore.” She gripped the front of Isabel’s simple dress and ripped outward. The buttons on the front of the frock popped free one at a time, flying like angry insects around Tasha’s head. Beneath her clothing, Isabel wore a simple white bra that fastened at the back. Tasha flashed a wicked smile and bent forward. Burying her head between Isabel’s small breasts, she gripped the center of the bra between her teeth and snapped her head back. Under normal circumstances, the material might have held against the onslaught. But not this time – not when the power of the dark love potion fueled Tasha’s lust. The snaps that held the bra in place gave away easily, and Isabel groaned loudly as her breasts were freed.

Camp Spank – excerpt

Camp Spank by Alice Dark

Camp Spank by Alice Dark

Camp Spank – where the women are spanked, the men are caned, and in the end, the girl finds the girl of her dreams.

Excerpt – As Kiyoko and Bri viciously cane two men, Captain Andrea Jenkins and Sergeant Dominique Watson find their attraction for one another growing.

As twin fourth strokes whistled through the air, Andrea leaned close to Dominique. The captain had removed the pins from her blonde hair, and it fell in waves around her shoulders. Dominique caught the rich scent of coconut as Andrea leaned close and whispered into her ear. “Private Nagano is well-versed in whipping a man.” Andrea’s full lips casually brushed Dominique’s skin, and the sergeant shivered, yet held her ground. “Where do you think an innocent young woman learned such an interesting skill?”

Dominique held herself rigid and stared straight ahead. She wanted nothing more at that very moment than to drag the captain to the forest floor, strip her of her uniform, and apply her own dark hand to Andrea’s lovely white bottom. Watching her recruits whip two young men had aroused a fire in Dominique, and it was an inferno that only her lovely blonde superior could quench. Yet the officer, as near as she was physically, was still separated from Dominique by regulations, rank and Army custom. Dominique’s fingers twitched with every impact, and she ached to clutch Andrea tightly to her own body.

“I don’t know,” Dominique finally said through stiff lips. “Kiyoko has always been the violent surprise in Charlie Squad.” The sergeant closed her eyes slowly against her own desire. Her body trembled as Dominique resisted the impulse to ravish her captain.

“Kiyoko.” This time Andrea purposefully brushed her lips against Dominique’s ear. “My understanding of Japanese is fuzzy, but I believe that translates roughly to ‘innocent young lady.’

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