Spanking Fantasy

I love to write, and spanking stories are high on my list of favorite topics. And many of the things I write about, I try first with my girlfriend, Sophia. We’re a kinky twosome who loves role-play, spanking and light BDSM. I tend to Top Sophia, but sometimes we switch.

So, what I want to know is “What’s your Spanking Fantasy?” If it’s kinky enough, Sophia and I may give it a whirl. But more importantly, I can work your fantasy into one of my stories. After all: I write for you, my pets.

Fill out the form below. Let me know what gets you hot and bothered!


4 responses to “Spanking Fantasy

  1. I love you Alice. Make our story fucking unbelievably HOT XOX

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  3. All the time! It`s the scent and feel of a woman beating all hell out of my behind that really turns me on

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