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Jacob’s Bare-assed Switching

Come here,” she said. “I want to talk to you”

Jacob looked up quickly. He dared a glance at Mistress Jenna. Her tone wasn’t angry. Perhaps she was going to reward him! Ja



cob stood slowly and walked over to sit next to his Mistress on the couch.

Do you remember what toppings you had on your pizza on Monday?”

Jacob was instantly wary. Something was up, and he knew this conversation would not end well for him. He decided to be evasive. “Um,” he said, keeping his head down and his eyes firmly on the pattern in the fabric of the sofa. “That was several days ago, Mistress. I don’t really remember.”

Mistress Jenna kept her tone low. “You told me that you went with Jill to the pizza place.” The Mistress’s voice was still neutral. “I’ve talked to Jill since then.” Mistress Jenna deliberately enunciated the next words slowly: “Jill doesn’t remember pizza, but says she thinks you may have gone to Eruptions instead.”

Jacob’s mouth went dry. He was caught, and he knew it. Eruptions was a strip club; he was not allowed there without permission from Mistress Jenna. “Um, oh that,” he began. “I, um, well I was really with Greg, and we were going to get pizza, but he wanted to stop at Eruptions first

Really?” Mistress Jenna smiled wickedly and arched her eyebrows. “Greg, not Jill, and Eruptions not pizza?”

Jacob swallowed hard. He’d been caught not in one lie, but two. His mind raced furiously, but nothing came to him.

After a few moments, Mistress Jenna grasped his chin and lifted Jacob’s face so that he had to look at her. He immediately looked away.

Why did you lie?” she asked. There was no anger in her voice, but Jacob didn’t mistake those dulcet tones for approval.

I don’t know,” he said. “I think you would have objected to me going to Eruptions.”

Mistress Jenna took a firmer grip on Jacob’s chin. “You’re right. I would have objected. But if you had told me where you’d gone, instead of lying-” Mistress Jenna cleared her throat. “I wouldn’t have felt the need to do what I’m going to do today.”

Mistress, please ” Jacob’s voice rose a notch.

I’m not mad. But you do have a choice.” Mistress Jenna’s voice was still neutral. “I don’t tolerate lying. If you want to remain my pet, you must make amends.”

Please, Mistress.” There were tears in Jacob’s eyes. “Anything. I’ll do anything. Please don’t send me away.”

Mistress Jenna smiled. “Before you promise, you should ask what I have in mind. I want you to make a well-informed decision.”


If you want to stay with me, you’ll need a switching.”

A switching?”

Yes,” Mistress Jenna said. “A good switching, and I expect you to take it properly.”

Jacob kept his mouth shut as a fear raced through his head. A switching? Is it going to hurt? On my bare ass? How many strokes? What does she mean be properly? Can I handle it? What if switches me and still makes me leave?

Mistress Jenna stood up. “Have you decided?”

Um. Please. Um.” Jacob stammered. “I want to stay with you. I want to be your pet!”

So you’re saying that you’ll take a good switching?”

He nodded meekly.

I want you to go out and cut three switches from the willow tree in my front yard.” Mistress Jenna pointed out the window. “If I’m not satisfied with the switches you cut, I’ll cut my own and double your punishment. Do you understand?”

Jacob bobbed his head up and down.

Then you’re coming back in here, and you’ll remove your jeans and underwear.” Jacob’s eyes widened. “You’re going to bend over that chair, and you’ll take a switching until I’ve decided you’ve learned your lesson.”

Good Girls, Bad Girls: They All Deserve a Spanking

Anna pulled her car onto the gravel driveway and eyed the crumbling mansion with suspicion. It didn’t look like anyone had been in the home for years, and it damned sure didn’t appear to be a good place for a meeting.

More like a place for a murder,” she murmured to herself. “Or something equally as bad.”

Even good girls deserve a spanking.

Anna took a note from her pocket and compared it to the address.

1313 Mockingbird Lane,” she said to herself. Anna kept her voice low. There was no one around no one to hear her ruminations. But still, whispering seemed appropriate.

Sophia in her Leather Harness

“It’s the right address. But this damn sure doesn’t look like the right house.”

Anna shook her head. The address matched the one she has received in e-mail. But something was off. “Damn,” she muttered, then lifted her door handle. “I’ll have to check this out.” Her foot crunched into the gravel, and Anna stood straight beside her car. She eyed the house again for movement, then carefully closed the car door.

Anna was dressed simply: khaki pants, a white blouse and sneakers. She had her hair tied back into a ponytail and wore no jewelry. Typically, when Anna received email at her private address, it meant a mission. But this particular email hadn’t been specific enough for her to suss out a possible agenda. So rather than wear a black unitard and camouflage make-up, she chose more direct clothing. Easier to explain why she wasn’t dressed as a spy, than to wear her more typical garb.

The downside, of course, was that Anna was a beautiful woman with large breasts. If she wasn’t trying to hide her identity, she was the kind of woman who stood out in a crowd.

Even now, in the dimming sunlight, she almost glowed in the dark. Anna knew that she was gorgeous; that she attracted both men and women. But that couldn’t be helped. Indeed, it could turn out to be an asset, she thought.

Anna glanced at the email that she had printed out. “Go now, to 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Find a woman named Jenkins.”

Nothing more to the email. The headers had been forged; not at all uncommon in her line of work. She couldn’t trace the email. But then, only her handlers had her Hush mail account.

So when Anna received the email, she locked up her house and hit the road. She always closed the house up tight when leaving for a mission. No telling how long she would be gone. Closing up a house that tightly was expensive, but so was Anna. There weren’t many freelance female agents, so Anna could charge what she wanted. Besides. She was good at her job. As good as any man, and more versatile.

Anna crumpled the note and shoved it into her pocket. Carefully, she approached the house. A sudden gust of wind howled around the edge of the home as she drew near. It whipped a few strands of her blonde hair loose from the ponytail. The sun edged a little lower in the sky. Anna looked up.

Was that candle always lit?” Anna wondered. “I don’t remember it.” Apprehension caused her to be more cautious in her approach. She crouched and noted that the sun also seemed to have dropped below the horizon. Tall trees surrounded the mansion, and the grounds were suddenly gloomy. In her crouch, Anna seemed to skitter across the front lawn. She was careful, but still, Anna was expected.

The front door creaked open before Anna could put a hand to the knob. “What the-?” Anna was startled only because there was no one behind the door; there was no one visible who could have pushed it open. “Shit!” she murmured. “Not good.”

Still, a job was a job. Anna was well paid because she wasn’t easily scared off.

She stepped onto the porch and looked inside. What she saw surprised her.

Outside, the house was a decaying mansion, passed its prime and grandeur. There were a scattering of broken windows, missing shingles and broken drainpipes. The lawn was more field than grass, and the stand to the mailbox was snapped in two.

Anna was ready for the home to be in total disarray empty, and void of life. But that’s not what she found. The inside of the home was impressive, a lush beauty that belied the crumbling exterior. The foyer glowed with candle light, and it flickered off rich, hardwood floors. Above the floors hung paintings of nude women, cavorting with men and satyrs. It all looked almost demonic, with the paintings of nude seeming to dance in the red flickers. And the sounds! Tinkling laughter definitely that of women filtered through the home, and from somewhere, a jazz piano.

This gets stranger and stranger,” Anna murmured. She put a hand into her pocket. Anna rarely used her weapon a snub-nosed .38 but she had it with her always, just in case. Anna didn’t mind that it created a gun-like bulge in her pocket. So much the better that people knew she was armed. “Let’s just see what we shall see.”

Anna slipped carefully through the door. Once inside, Anna could see there was a sign posted in the hallway: “Alice’s House Enjoy Yourself.”

As Anna read the sign, the door slammed shut behind her.

Goddammit!” Anna leaped to the door and grabbed the knob with her left hand. With her right hand, she pulled the pistol from her pants. “Open the fucking door!” Anna had the gun out, but there was no one to point it at. She yanked at the door knob. The front door didn’t budge.

This isn’t funny, goddammit!” Anna waved the gun around. “Show yourself!”

She’s a bad girl.” It was a woman’s voice, and it was beside Anna! She whirled to her right and aimed her gun; but there was no one there!

A very bad girl,” another voice agreed. “Only bad girls have guns.” It came from the other side, and Anna spun again, this time letting go of the door knob. She turned right. Then left. Then entire circle, waving the gun the entire time. “Where are you!?” Anna screamed. “Goddammit! Open the damn door.”

I bet she came here to steal something.” It was a third voice, and again, it was female.

Miz Jenkins will know what to do with her.” It was yet another female voice .

Jenkins!” Anna snarled. “Bring me your Mrs. Jenkins,” she snapped. “Bring her to me now!”

Suddenly, the temperature in the house seemed to drop by about 20 degrees, as a cold wave swept down the hallway. The gun was snatched from Anna’s hand by invisible forces and Anna’s hands were pinned to her sides.

That’s Miz Jenkins,” an older, female voice said. Anna was lifted by unseen hands until her feet dangled above the floor. Anna kicked the empty air, but connected with nothing. “You girls are right,” Miz Jenkins said. “This is a bad girl.”

Fuck you!” Anna screamed. “Let me go.” Anna kicked again. And again, her foot connected with nothing.

Apparently in response, Anna’s khaki’s were unsnapped and then yanked off her legs. Anna found herself nude below the waist except for her white cotton panties.

Hold her, girls,” Miz Jenkins said, still invisible. “I know just what bad girls need.”

In front of Anna, a piece of the hardwood floor was slowly bent upward until it snapped!

Bad girls need a spanking!”

Anna struggled wildly in the ghostly arms, kicking and flailing. All the while her eyes tracked the three-foot piece of flooring as it floated around behind her.


Yowtch!” Anna screamed.


Yow! No! Stop!”

Suddenly, Anna felt her cotton panties snatched off. Her ass was bared, and there were female voices giggling all around her.


Ouch!” Anna yelled again. The swinging board was relentless, and Anna’s legs were flailing in mid-air. And though her buttocks burned from the spanking, she felt a different kind of warmth beginning deep in her belly: One set of the ghostly hands had released her, and found their way to her pussy.

Oh, god! No!”

As the board rose and fell, the fingers slid deep inside of her.

Stop! No! Don’t! Stop!”

Apologize!” It was Miz Jenkins’ disembodied voice issuing the command. “Apologize for swearing!”

All right!” Anna screamed. “I’ll be good! I promise. I’ll be good!”

The board hovered in the air. “Apologize for swearing,” Miz Jenkins said again.

Anna was still suspended in in the air, ghostly fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy. Her ass was bright red and her legs were exhausted from kicking. “Fuck off!” she screamed. “Let me down!”


Say that you’re sorry!” Miz Jenkins demanded.

Anna spun in mid-air. Her legs were tired, yet she was still horny. She couldn’t see anyone, but felt another set of hands join the first: four hands stroked her pussy; the board rose and fell.


Are you sorry?” the disembodied voice of Ms. Jenkins demanded.

Anna felt herself lowered to the floor. She couldn’t kick, and really didn’t feel like moving. A ghostly mouth was on her breast. Ghostly hands covered her body and masturbated her furiously. She sucked in a breath; the makeshift paddle was raised high in the air. Anna felt an orgasm boiling her stomach.

I’m a good girl,” Anna said through her teeth. “And good girls deserve” Anna gasped as three fingers slipped deep inside of her and tongues slathered her body. “Fuck you, Casper,” Anna said between clenched teeth.


Lucinda’s Caning – a fragment

“Remove your blouse and skirt and hang them neatly in the closet.”

Lucinda was terrified and blushing near to tears. Yet she moved shaking fingers to the buttons of her blouse. As the button popped free, Terri turned from her girlfriend and walked to a tall cupboard in the corner of the room. Lucinda squeaked as Terri opened the door and selected a cane. The rod was about three feet long and a half an inch thick. Terri held the cane for a moment, then grasped either end and flexed the slender wooden implement. Releasing one end, the cane sprang back into shape, as though it had a life of its own.

Terri then turned to see her girlfriend standing nervously by the chair. The young woman was wearing only her pantyhose and bra.

“Pantyhose, too, Lucinda. And your panties.”

A single tear slid down Lucinda’s cheek as she bent to obey. She didn’t want to give Terri any more reasons to be angry with her and quickly discarded her silky undergarments.

“Please,” Terri cried, covering her modesty with her hands. “I’m so sorry! I’ll never do it again!”

Terri shook her head back and forth, and her blonde curls followed her movement. “I don’t enjoy caning you,” she said slowly. “But this whipping will teach you a lesson that you will remember for a long time.” Using the cane as a pointer, Terri gestured at their bed. “Now lie face down on the bed, and grip the far edge.”

Lucinda was sobbing openly, yet she moved quickly to obey. When the young woman was in position, Terri stepped forward and tapped Lucinda’s bottom with the cane, causing the girl to flinch. Terri then drew the cane back. The quick swish of the air alerted Lucinda of the impending strike, and her buttocks involuntarily tightened.

Then Terri unleashed the first stroke, slashing the cane down sharply with a flick of her wrist.

She’ll Get a Spanking When She Gets Home – a fragment



Carol heard the wail of the siren behind her. First she glanced up into the rearview mirror, then quickly at her speedometer.

“Damnit,” she squeaked. “Oh, no!”

The needle hovered at 70 miles per hour, a full 20 mph over the speed limit. Carol gripped the steering wheel tightly and took her foot off the gas pedal. She fought the urge to jam her toes onto the brakes.

“Shit,” she murmured as the car coasted to a stop. “Shit, shit, shit.”

The radio was still loud in her ears. Ironically, Radar Love was the current tune.

No more speed, I’m almost there
Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care
Last care to pass, here I go
And the line of cars drove down real slow

Behind her, a motorcycle cop pulled his beefy bike close to Carol’s rear bumper.

“I can’t get a ticket,” Carol moaned. “Not now.” She reached over and snapped off the radio. “Damnit. Not another one. Sylvia will kill me!”

Two weeks earlier, Carol had been ticketed for driving 50 mph down a city side street. The scenario had been much the same. The young woman had lost herself in the music on her radio, and Carol hadn’t paid attention to her speed or surroundings. Unfortunately, she had breezed past a patrol car without so much as tapping her brakes. That ticket had taken $380 out of twosome’s monthly budget. A month before that, a separate speeding ticket had cost the couple nearly $500.

“If you get one more ticket,” Sylvia had said. “I will blister your ass until you can’t sit down.”

Carol and Sylvia had been lovers long enough for Carol to know that her significant other was not joking when she promised to spank her. Past misdeeds had resulted in merciless punishment. Long spankings that left Carol bruised and crying. And quite recently, Sylvia had purchased a wicked little cane from a Web site in the U.K. Carol hadn’t yet experienced that thin piece of wood across her bare backside, and she wasn’t at all looking forward to feeling that cane on her flesh.

A boot crunching in gravel caught Carol’s attention. She looked into her side mirror as the officer stepped alongside of Carol’s car.

“Damnit!” Carol ran nervous fingers through her long blonde hair. She was young and pretty, with a clear complexion and bright blue eyes. “I can’t get a ticket,” she thought. For one brief moment, Carol considered hitting the gas hard and speeding away.

“License and registration, Miss.”

Carol closed her eyes and gripped the wheel. The moment passed. She huffed out a huge sigh, opened her eyes and began to rummage through her large handbag.

“Please, officer,” Carol whispered as she withdrew her drivers license. “I wasn’t going that fast. I mean, I’m late for an appointment.”

Carol turned and batted her long eyelashes. She blinked several times and tried to look both innocent and vulnerable. “I mean, I can’t get a ticket. Please.” She opened her eyes wide and stared pleadingly at the young officer.

“Ma’am, do you know how fast you were going?”

Faced with her misdeed, Carol began to sputter. When she was nervous, Carol talked. A lot. Often, she said way more than she should. She pleaded. She cajoled. Carol rolled her eyes and begged. She even explained that Sylvia had threatened to spank her soundly if ever she got another speeding ticket.

“And she’s not kidding about the spanking, officer.” Carol’s bottom lip trembled. “She has a cane, and she will whip me very hard.” Carol batted her long lashes. “Please, can’t you let me off with a warning?”

“Sylvia?” the cop asked. “Your girlfriend is Sylvia Caruthers?”

Carol stopped speaking. The officer knew Sylvia. Warily, she nodded her head.

The officer took off his sunglasses and smiled. His eyes were chocolate, and his grin was wide and toothy. “You know, I went to school with Sylvia.” He nodded his head as he slipped his glasses into his shirt pocket. “I always liked that girl.” The officer winked. “Not like-like, of course.” He smiled again. “Not that I couldn’t. But she liked girls better than boys even then.” The young officer pulled out his ticket book. “I liked the way she thinks. A strong woman who knows what needs to be done.” The officer put his pen to the pad and began to write the ticket.

“No, please, no,” Carol sobbed. “Sylvia will kill me for this! She will simply kill me!”

The young officer smiled and held out his ticket pad to Carol for her signature. “Now, now, ma’am,” he said, chuckling. “She’s not going to kill you.” He tore off the ticket and passed it through the window. “Whip your ass, certainly. But I imagine she’s spanked you before, hasn’t she?”

A red flush burned across Carol’s face as she nodded.

He chuckled. “And I imagine you needed it then, as much as you need it now.” There were tears in Carol’s eyes, yet the officer was impervious to her woes.

“Have a pleasant evening, ma’am. And try to slow down.”

Vacation Arrest – #SatSpanks #ASMSG

naked woman in a bikini on a white backgroundJoin two women when take off on an all-expenses paid vacation across country, but wind up on the wrong side of the law when they speed through the small town of Springton, Alabama. Katherine and Lindsay soon find out that justice is erotically different in the South, and the women have a choice: six months in jail, or accept whatever punishment local law enforcement decides upon. Enjoy Katherine’s and Lindsay’s sexy romp through humiliation, anal play, caning, and submission, when male and female officers teach these women a lesson in obedience! The story is F/M/f/f and is definitely for Adults Only.

“Well,” Katherine began. She licked her lips and appeared to focus on a distant object through the windshield. “Bill and I like mostly to play light bondage games.”

“Really?” Lindsay asked, sitting far forward on her seat. She dropped her hands into her lap. “Bondage? You mean with ropes and handcuffs?”

“Nothing dangerous.” Katherine’s face flamed a bright red. “It’s playtime, you know? And yes, we use ropes. He likes to tie me up and then tease me. Sometimes he blindfolds me.”

Lindsay sighed audibly and squirmed in her seat. “That sounds like fun.”

“I like being submissive,” Katherine said. “When Bill is in control, it gives him all kinds of kinky ideas.”

Lindsay’s eyes got wider as she listened to Katherine’s confession. “Wow!” she breathed. “I never would have guessed: “What does he do to you when you’re tied up?”

Katherine wiggled in her seat, trying to get comfortable. Talking about her adventures in the bedroom and office were making her hot. “Sometimes, he pinches my nipples when I’m blindfolded,” she said. “And he licks me all over while I’m helpless. Just the tip of his tongue; he drags it over my body, and his breath is hot on my flesh.” Katherine’s tongue slipped between her lips, and her voice got softer with the memory. “He likes touching my ass while I’m tied up, and I can usually expect to be spanked at some point.”


“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, Lindsay.” Katherine looked quickly at the young intern. “It can be very erotic.”

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