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Spankings – She knows when I need one

Last night, I was overwhelmed. I’d been sick for more than a week, and Thursday would be my first real day back at work. After being out for so long, I had more to do at work than I could possibly finish, and I’d been unusually quiet and grouchy all day. I hadn’t been nice to my girlfriend. I hadn’t been nice at all.

Luckily, my girlfriend, Sofia, knows me better than I know myself. After dinner, she called me from the living room. Ours is a small house. I walked from the kitchen to the living, still sulking and pissy.


Spankings – She knows when I need one

Sofia caught me as I walked by, and pulled me around the couch. She sat down, still holding my wrist, and then took me across her lap. It’s rare for Sofia to take the lead. Normally, I Top in this relationship. But something in Sofia’s eyes told me it was my turn to be spanked good and proper.

It felt wonderful to be laying across her lap. I felt safe and cared for. And it was a relief to get a break from being the Dominant Bitch. O, don’t get me wrong. I like being Dominant. After our respective submissive upbringings at the hands of the Catholic church, I turned into a full-on radical Femdom for a couple of years. I’ve calmed down some since then, but still, mostly I take the lead.

Not this time. Once I was secure in Sofia’s lap, she snatched up my dress and yanked down my panties. Then she let loose with a series of stinging slaps to my behind! My sweet Sofia didn’t waste any time at all on a genteel warm-up. She whacked my ass hard.

And I loved it! I felt vulnerable and open, and yet I knew that I was totally safe at the same moment.

I also felt the burning in my ass cheeks, and I wiggled hard in Sofia’s lap. But bless her, my girl did not hold back one bit, even though I was kicking and whimpering. She spanked me harder and harder, and my bottom stung with the heat. But every so often, she’d pause in the smacking, and ever-so-lightly brush the furious red hand prints on my butt with her fingertips.

I was squealing by the time she was finished.

Later that night, I thanked her for the spanking. It’s not often that I’m on the receiving end of a spanking. But this time, Sofia knew exactly what I needed and gave it to me.

Jacob’s Bare-assed Switching

Come here,” she said. “I want to talk to you”

Jacob looked up quickly. He dared a glance at Mistress Jenna. Her tone wasn’t angry. Perhaps she was going to reward him! Ja



cob stood slowly and walked over to sit next to his Mistress on the couch.

Do you remember what toppings you had on your pizza on Monday?”

Jacob was instantly wary. Something was up, and he knew this conversation would not end well for him. He decided to be evasive. “Um,” he said, keeping his head down and his eyes firmly on the pattern in the fabric of the sofa. “That was several days ago, Mistress. I don’t really remember.”

Mistress Jenna kept her tone low. “You told me that you went with Jill to the pizza place.” The Mistress’s voice was still neutral. “I’ve talked to Jill since then.” Mistress Jenna deliberately enunciated the next words slowly: “Jill doesn’t remember pizza, but says she thinks you may have gone to Eruptions instead.”

Jacob’s mouth went dry. He was caught, and he knew it. Eruptions was a strip club; he was not allowed there without permission from Mistress Jenna. “Um, oh that,” he began. “I, um, well I was really with Greg, and we were going to get pizza, but he wanted to stop at Eruptions first

Really?” Mistress Jenna smiled wickedly and arched her eyebrows. “Greg, not Jill, and Eruptions not pizza?”

Jacob swallowed hard. He’d been caught not in one lie, but two. His mind raced furiously, but nothing came to him.

After a few moments, Mistress Jenna grasped his chin and lifted Jacob’s face so that he had to look at her. He immediately looked away.

Why did you lie?” she asked. There was no anger in her voice, but Jacob didn’t mistake those dulcet tones for approval.

I don’t know,” he said. “I think you would have objected to me going to Eruptions.”

Mistress Jenna took a firmer grip on Jacob’s chin. “You’re right. I would have objected. But if you had told me where you’d gone, instead of lying-” Mistress Jenna cleared her throat. “I wouldn’t have felt the need to do what I’m going to do today.”

Mistress, please ” Jacob’s voice rose a notch.

I’m not mad. But you do have a choice.” Mistress Jenna’s voice was still neutral. “I don’t tolerate lying. If you want to remain my pet, you must make amends.”

Please, Mistress.” There were tears in Jacob’s eyes. “Anything. I’ll do anything. Please don’t send me away.”

Mistress Jenna smiled. “Before you promise, you should ask what I have in mind. I want you to make a well-informed decision.”


If you want to stay with me, you’ll need a switching.”

A switching?”

Yes,” Mistress Jenna said. “A good switching, and I expect you to take it properly.”

Jacob kept his mouth shut as a fear raced through his head. A switching? Is it going to hurt? On my bare ass? How many strokes? What does she mean be properly? Can I handle it? What if switches me and still makes me leave?

Mistress Jenna stood up. “Have you decided?”

Um. Please. Um.” Jacob stammered. “I want to stay with you. I want to be your pet!”

So you’re saying that you’ll take a good switching?”

He nodded meekly.

I want you to go out and cut three switches from the willow tree in my front yard.” Mistress Jenna pointed out the window. “If I’m not satisfied with the switches you cut, I’ll cut my own and double your punishment. Do you understand?”

Jacob bobbed his head up and down.

Then you’re coming back in here, and you’ll remove your jeans and underwear.” Jacob’s eyes widened. “You’re going to bend over that chair, and you’ll take a switching until I’ve decided you’ve learned your lesson.”

Spanking Meg

She slapped the girl hard across both ass cheeks and Meg squealed. It wasn’t a cry of pain or outrage, but something more something deeper and primal. Alice knew that even though Meg seemed terrified, she was enjoying her helpless situation. Alice spanked her bottom hard again, and two red hand prints slowly criss-crossed Meg’s perfect, white behind.


Spanking Meg

Tell me Meg,” Alice said, licking her lips. “When was the last time that you were spanked?”

Meg shut her eyes, and a fine tremor shook her frame. “Please, Mistress Alice,” she moaned. “Please don’t spank me again!” But even though Meg seemed to be begging to be released, Alice noted that Meg didn’t struggle to get away; she actually clawed deeper into Alice’s lap as thought to become a part of her.

Alice spanked Meg’s bare ass hard again. Smack! Smack! Smack! Then after those three beats Alice spanked Meg again a little harder.

Ooh,” Meg growled kicking her legs. “Please, Mistress Alice!”

You haven’t answered my question,” Alice said again, spanking the girl’s cheeks slowly and firmly. They blush so beautifully, Alice thought.

Meg didn’t responded, but arched her butt into the spankings.

You are going to tell me,” Alice said, gritting her teeth. “I will make you say the words.”

Bitch!” Meg squeaked, shaking her head.

As a matter of fact I am,” Alice said, smiling wickedly. “But you would likely know me better as the Evil Queen.” Smack! Smack! Smack! Alice punctuated the statement with three rapid swats. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! After only a moment’s pause, Alice delivered five more rapid-fire spankings her palm to Meg’s burning ass cheeks.

Meg burst into tears, but still she clawed at Alice’s lap as though she was trying to be one with the woman. “Please, Mistress Alice! Please! Please!”

Alice’s wicked smile widened, and she whacked the poor girl’s bare ass. Smack! Smack! Smack!

Jenny’s Spanking Story – a fragment

Jenny whimpered and glanced around the room at our group of friends. “No, Gloria,” she murmured quietly. “Please. I didn’t mean what I said.”

I shook my head at Jenny. Her apology was too little and far too late. I paid no attention to the other women in the room with us; they had gathered at our home for a Sunday brunch. This little interaction was between Jenny and me. I pursed my lips and said nothing, simply pointed at my girlfriend’s skirt. Jenny visibly blanched. She knew what the gesture meant.

“Please.” Jenny’s voice was a soft cry, and she met my brown eyes squarely. I saw the shimmer of tears in her dark eyes, but I was unmoved. Jenny knew the rules, and she had broken them. Eventually her shaking hand moved to the zipper of her skirt, and she pulled it down slowly.

The sharp intake of breath behind me caught my attention. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw our group of friends staring wide-eyed, glancing at each other. One girl was giggling nervously. None could believe what was happening, though they all knew about our special relationship.

Moment’s later, Jenny’s skirt was on the floor in a crumpled heap. She held her hands clasped in front of her breasts. Her head was down.

“Bend over the couch.” There was no forgiveness in my voice.

Shuffling, Jenny kicked free of the skirt at her feet and bent over the arm of the couch. Her bottom was high in the air. I flipped up the tail of her shirt, but decided to let her keep her panties.

“Please, Gloria,” Jenny whispered, so that only I could hear. “Don’t do this.”

I put my left hand in the small of her back and raised the right hand high above my shoulder. “Next time,” I said. “You’ll think before you speak.”

Spanking Sophia in the Kitchen – a fragment

“All right, Sophia. I’ve had enough. Take off your skirt and blouse.” Alice’s mood shifted quickly. She was tired of her girlfriend’s nonsense.

“But, Alice!”

“No buts, young lady.”

Sighing in resignation, Sophia stood and unzipped her skirt, and then let it slither to the floor. She picked it up and folded the garment neatly before placing on a chair. Sophia fiddled with the buttons on her blouse, stalling for time. She knew what was coming. Sophia pursed her lips as the last button came undone, then removed her white blouse.

“Your hose, too.” Alice gestured at Sophia’s legs, slick with the black nylon.

Her girlfriend nodded and gripped the table as she twisted free of the pantyhose. As she bent forward, Alice admired her girlfriend’s deep cleavage, and unconsciously licked her lips.

Free of the pantyhose, Sophia stood erect, hands clasped at her waist. She felt vulnerable, standing in their kitchen wearing nothing but bra and panties. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, but she was also excited.

“Come here, and lay across my lap.” Alice pushed her chair back from the table; it slid smoothly over the polished hardwood floor.

Almost collapsing with anticipation, Sophia shuffled over and draped herself over Alice’s lap. She took a deep breath as Alice encircled her waist with her left arm and adjusted her position. Sophia closed her eyes as her girlfriend laid one hand on pantied bottom and caressed her cheeks. Sophia shivered.

“Mmm,” she moaned, as Alice’s fingers hooked the waistband of her panties and pulled them back enough to expose her behind. Sophia’s thighs were pressed tightly together, and her panties were trapped at her crotch. Not deterred, Alice wedged her hand between her girlfriend’s legs and pressed her fingers against the young woman’s pussy. Sophia groaned and spread her legs slightly. Alice eased the white cotton panties down Sophia’s legs, until they dangled from her ankles.

Then, without warning, Alice slapped Sophia’s bottom with a firm hand. A stinging slap that brought a squirt of arousal to Sophia. In response, Sophia pressed down hard with her pussy, grinding against Alice’s lap. Out of the corner of her eye, Sophia saw Alice’s hand rise high above her head.

Sophia raised her butt to meet the smack and gripped the spokes of the chair tightly.