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Spanking relationships – keeping them interesting


Keep Spanking interesting

Keeping things interesting in a spanking relationship can be a challenge, both in real life and in spanking stories. I mean, how many times can I write SMACK and still keep a reader’s interest? Likewise, how many times can I swat my girlfriend Sophia’s behind before it descends into a wallow of punishment that’s nothing more than pain?

Spanking stories, as well as relationships, need variety. I pay attention to my partner and to my readers. Certainly, I can vary the instruments that I use to deliver a spanking. That keeps both readers and Sopia interested. My favorite way to spank my girlfriend is my bare hand to Sophia’s bare butt. I think I’ve said that often enough. I love the feel of her skin under my hand. She has a nice butt – round and full, a true Hispanic girl, with cheeks that demand to be touched. Yet, we experiment with different spanking implements and toys just to add a little spice to our relationship: paddles, a wooden ladle, a slipper. We’ve tried a belt – a little too much sting until we’re whipped into the proper passion.

And we have our toys. The insertables include butt plugs, vibrators, anal beads, a butterfly, love eggs. A little bit of everything. Clothing varies. We play some games. Both of us have our school uniforms, and Sophia’s still fits. The naughty Catholic school girl is a favorite game, and I have a nun’s habit. One day, I hope to get a latex habit, but that’s just not in the budget at this point. But I do have a catsuit!

So that’s spanking instruments, toys and clothing. A bit or role playing. But even that would get boring, if all I did was SMACK SMACK SMACK Sophia’s behind. There’s more to our spanking relationship than that, and “paying attention,” to my partner, as well as my readers, is what keeps things interesting.

I rarely deliver more than one SWAT at a time to Sophia’s cute butt. Ocassionally I’ll slap in a quick group of three, but that’s not the norm.

Most spankings start with a tease. Sometimes Sophia waits in the corner, till I’m ready to spank her butt. If she’s in the corner, Sophia is naked, with her hands on her head, while I watch for any forbidden moves. Sometimes Sophia is playful, and she’ll try to sneak a finger down to masturbate while she’s waiting for a spanking. Other times, she waits quietly, trembling in the corner, until I’m ready to begin.

When it’s time, I take Sophia over my knee and gently stroke her full, round bottom in advance of the first impact. I play with her skin – run my fingers up and down the cleft in her behind. Only when she’s completely relaxed and distracted do I let loose with that first WHACK.

But the second impact doesnt come right away. Once I’ve landed that first strike, I let my fingertips trace the red hand print I’ve spanked into her butt. I listen to her breath and pay attention to whether she’s rigid and stiff in my arms, or relaxed, like she should be. Sophia is an experienced sub, and I’ve Topped in our relationship for a long time. We know our roles, and yet there are still surprises – so long as I pay attention.

The second WHACK is the one that gets Sophia’s attention, and at that point, she grinds her pubic bone into my lap, scrubbing her pussy against my skirt. We haven’t settled into a rhythm at this point. We’re still exploring the level of pain that she wants, and that I care to deliver.

Between the impacts, my fingers are not idle. I use my nails to lightly scratch her thighs, her butt cheeks and the opening to her pussy. I tug on her pubic hairs; Sophia gets impatient whenever I do that, and she raises her ass for the next SWAT. I can tell that she’s ready to get on with the game.

The third and forth WHACKS will be quick, one to each cheek, spanking in a sweet glow. By this time, I know that Sophia is wet. I slip my fingers down the crack of her butt

Sylvia Spanks Mona – a fragment

“Are you ready young lady?” Sylvia smiled as she patted Mona’s small, firm bottom cheeks.



Mona shivered as her girlfriend’s cool fingers stroked her bottom. Slowly, Mona nodded her head, her ponytail bobbing up and down. Mona clenched her ass cheeks tightly, trying to compose herself, so that she could take her spanking gracefully.

It would have been easier to just lean across Sylvia’s desk for just a couple of swats from their old sorority paddle. While still painful, there would have at least been some small bit of dignity in that kind of punishment. But this was different. Sylvia had insisted that Mona take her spanking like a little girl – bare bottomed and over her Sylvia’s knee.

So humiliating!

Yet, Mona knew that was why Sylvia chose to spank her over the knee; it was embarrassing, and a lesson that Mona would not soon forget.

“All right, Mona.” Sylvia patted her lap. “Assume the position.”

Blushing brightly, Mona leaned forward and arranged herself over Sylvia’s lap. Mona was tall, and both her hands and feet touched the floor. And that put her bare bottom in a perfect position for a sound spanking.

Sylvia didn’t wait for Mona to settle into her lap. She raised her hand and landed it sharply on Mona’s right cheek with a resounding smack.

“Oooo!” The impact was loud in their small bedroom, but the swat didn’t yet have the bite of true punishment. Mona closed her tightly as the next blow fell. She was balanced precariously on Sylvia’s, and every muscle in her body tensed in anticipation of further impacts.

“Smack, smack, smack!”

Sylvia’s hand fell into a steady rhythm, alternating between the left and right side of Mona’s lovely bottom cheeks, and the young woman cried out, raising her bottom higher to meet the next impact.

Sylvia Tests her Spanking Limits – a fragment

Marie raised her thin, rattan cane and then brought it down gently on Sylvia’s upturned bottom.


Sylvia shuddered when the slender wooden implement met her bottom cheeks. She still had no idea how Marie had talked her into this. They’d played at spanking before in their relationship. Over the months that they’d known one another, the pair had found that simple swats to the bare bottom had excited Sylvia. When Marie discovered this, she was like a child with a new toy.

The swats went from bare-handed, playful slaps to earnest spankings with an old ping-pong paddle. Then, Marie had experimented with a hairbrush, bringing the flat side down on Sylvia’s bottom in meaty smacks.

Sylvia’s response to those punishing blows had surprised them both. Instead of clenching her buttocks and trying to squirm away, Sylvia had pushed her ass higher, meeting each impact and squealing with pain and delight.

Marie moved on to a tawse and then a flogger. She even tried a leather belt. Through her tears, Sylvia had screamed her pleasure every time an impact met her flesh.

And now, Sylvia was ready for the next step. Marie purchased the cane. They were easy to find and easily ordered from a lovely shop in the UK.

In preparation for the new toy, Sylvia stripped and folded herself compliantly over a straight-backed chair. Her bottom was high in the air, and she quivered in anticipation and fear.

“Are you ready?”

Sylvia grasped the seat of the chair tightly. She rose up on her toes and presented her bottom cheeks as the perfect target. Taking in a huge breath, she hissed: “Yes.”

Paddle or Crop – a fragment

The paddle landed on Stephanie’s bare bottom with a loud pop!, and the young woman cried out in astonishment at the sudden stinging pain in her bottom cheeks. Yet before she could protest, the wooden paddle whooshed again through the air, this time landing lower on her bottom than the first strike. Stephanie clenched her butt tightly against the fiery smack, and she howled in pain. The young woman gritted her teeth in preparation for the next impact. Her naked thighs drummed against Mistress Nancy’s smoothly muscled legs.

“Enough!” Stephanie’s Mistress hissed, one arm wrapped around the flailing girl. The paddle connected again, this time a full smack! on Stephanie’s left bottom cheek. Pain swept up through the young woman’s flesh like an electric charge. A tormented moan escaped Stephanie’s lips, and she tried not to wiggle in Mistress Nancy’s grasp.

After Mistress Nancy delivered several more quick strokes, Stephanie burst into tears. Her bottom was on fire, and the skin of her butt was clearly marked with the impacts of the paddle.

Out of the darkness, a woman moved forward. Her dark eyes were bright and glittering in the gloom of the dungeon; her lips twisted in a wicked smile.

“I don’t know, Nancy,” said Mistress Ella, stepping further into the circle of light that surrounded Mistress Nancy and her slave girl. Dragging her own submissive behind her, Mistress Ella bent to examine the impacts on Stephanie’s bottom. “I think that paddle is too light. Why don’t you try my crop?”

Meg Spanked Blue – a fragment

Tanya tapped her knuckles against the smooth, wide surface of her homemade pine paddle. A solid series of thunks sounded from the highly polished wooden implement. Meg looked up at the sound. “Damnit,” she murmured. “I was sure that she had forgotten.”

Tanya hadn’t forgotten. Given that her hair was still streaked with blue, it was unlikely that Tanya would forget anytime soon.

“Over here, Meg.” Tanya sat down on a sturdy, straight backed chair. “I want you to lay across my lap.”

Meg hung her head. She’s really going to do this, the young redhead realized. “It was just a prank, Tanya.” Meg shook her head, her eyes wide and pleading. “I didn’t mean any harm.”

Tanya didn’t reply. She adjusted her skirt, and then slightly parted her legs. The older woman patted her knee with one hand and arched a meaningful eyebrow. Make no mistake: Meg was terrified of both the paddle and Tanya’s foul mood. But the blue dye in her girlfriend’s shampoo had been an awesome prank.

Meg finally sighed and hid her smile behind her hand. “Yes, ma’am,” she said, and arranged herself face down across Tanya’s lap. Meg’s breasts flattened against Tanya’s knees, and she was able to put her palms flat on the floor. It was a humiliating position, but Meg still thought the prank funny and worth her time.

A sudden breeze on her bottom startled Meg, and she realized that Tanya girlfriend had flipped up her skirt to reveal Meg’s blue, silk panties. Tanya hooked her fingers into the waistband of the panties, and dragged them down to Meg’s knees.

“Oh please, Tanya.” There was a shiver of fear in Meg’s voice. “Not on the bare bottom!” The prank that only moments ago had seemed worthwhile, was now turning sour in her mind.

“Meg, today you acted like a little girl, instead of a young woman.” Tanya shook her head forward and stared ruefully at the streaks of blue throughout her brunette locks. It would take a proper dye-job at a proper salon to restore her color. And that would be expensive, and expense neither of the girls had budgeted for. “You’ve been a naughty girl, and you’re about to spanked in the traditional naughty girl way – a sound bare bottom paddling.

Tanya pressed the paddle against Meg’s bottom; the highly polished surface was cool against Meg’s flesh, though the young girl thought she felt something liquid on her bottom. Before Meg could turn her head to investigate, Tanya raised the paddle high and brought it down on the young woman’s left bottom cheek with a loud splat.

Meg hissed. God that stung!

Crack! Another hard smack, this time to Meg’s right bottom cheek.

Meg kicked her feet and twisted her head wildly. It was only then that Meg saw that the face of the paddle was covered in a wet, blue dye.