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Spankings – She knows when I need one

Last night, I was overwhelmed. I’d been sick for more than a week, and Thursday would be my first real day back at work. After being out for so long, I had more to do at work than I could possibly finish, and I’d been unusually quiet and grouchy all day. I hadn’t been nice to my girlfriend. I hadn’t been nice at all.

Luckily, my girlfriend, Sofia, knows me better than I know myself. After dinner, she called me from the living room. Ours is a small house. I walked from the kitchen to the living, still sulking and pissy.


Spankings – She knows when I need one

Sofia caught me as I walked by, and pulled me around the couch. She sat down, still holding my wrist, and then took me across her lap. It’s rare for Sofia to take the lead. Normally, I Top in this relationship. But something in Sofia’s eyes told me it was my turn to be spanked good and proper.

It felt wonderful to be laying across her lap. I felt safe and cared for. And it was a relief to get a break from being the Dominant Bitch. O, don’t get me wrong. I like being Dominant. After our respective submissive upbringings at the hands of the Catholic church, I turned into a full-on radical Femdom for a couple of years. I’ve calmed down some since then, but still, mostly I take the lead.

Not this time. Once I was secure in Sofia’s lap, she snatched up my dress and yanked down my panties. Then she let loose with a series of stinging slaps to my behind! My sweet Sofia didn’t waste any time at all on a genteel warm-up. She whacked my ass hard.

And I loved it! I felt vulnerable and open, and yet I knew that I was totally safe at the same moment.

I also felt the burning in my ass cheeks, and I wiggled hard in Sofia’s lap. But bless her, my girl did not hold back one bit, even though I was kicking and whimpering. She spanked me harder and harder, and my bottom stung with the heat. But every so often, she’d pause in the smacking, and ever-so-lightly brush the furious red hand prints on my butt with her fingertips.

I was squealing by the time she was finished.

Later that night, I thanked her for the spanking. It’s not often that I’m on the receiving end of a spanking. But this time, Sofia knew exactly what I needed and gave it to me.

Spanking Meg

She slapped the girl hard across both ass cheeks and Meg squealed. It wasn’t a cry of pain or outrage, but something more something deeper and primal. Alice knew that even though Meg seemed terrified, she was enjoying her helpless situation. Alice spanked her bottom hard again, and two red hand prints slowly criss-crossed Meg’s perfect, white behind.


Spanking Meg

Tell me Meg,” Alice said, licking her lips. “When was the last time that you were spanked?”

Meg shut her eyes, and a fine tremor shook her frame. “Please, Mistress Alice,” she moaned. “Please don’t spank me again!” But even though Meg seemed to be begging to be released, Alice noted that Meg didn’t struggle to get away; she actually clawed deeper into Alice’s lap as thought to become a part of her.

Alice spanked Meg’s bare ass hard again. Smack! Smack! Smack! Then after those three beats Alice spanked Meg again a little harder.

Ooh,” Meg growled kicking her legs. “Please, Mistress Alice!”

You haven’t answered my question,” Alice said again, spanking the girl’s cheeks slowly and firmly. They blush so beautifully, Alice thought.

Meg didn’t responded, but arched her butt into the spankings.

You are going to tell me,” Alice said, gritting her teeth. “I will make you say the words.”

Bitch!” Meg squeaked, shaking her head.

As a matter of fact I am,” Alice said, smiling wickedly. “But you would likely know me better as the Evil Queen.” Smack! Smack! Smack! Alice punctuated the statement with three rapid swats. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! After only a moment’s pause, Alice delivered five more rapid-fire spankings her palm to Meg’s burning ass cheeks.

Meg burst into tears, but still she clawed at Alice’s lap as though she was trying to be one with the woman. “Please, Mistress Alice! Please! Please!”

Alice’s wicked smile widened, and she whacked the poor girl’s bare ass. Smack! Smack! Smack!

She’ll Get a Spanking When She Gets Home – a fragment



Carol heard the wail of the siren behind her. First she glanced up into the rearview mirror, then quickly at her speedometer.

“Damnit,” she squeaked. “Oh, no!”

The needle hovered at 70 miles per hour, a full 20 mph over the speed limit. Carol gripped the steering wheel tightly and took her foot off the gas pedal. She fought the urge to jam her toes onto the brakes.

“Shit,” she murmured as the car coasted to a stop. “Shit, shit, shit.”

The radio was still loud in her ears. Ironically, Radar Love was the current tune.

No more speed, I’m almost there
Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care
Last care to pass, here I go
And the line of cars drove down real slow

Behind her, a motorcycle cop pulled his beefy bike close to Carol’s rear bumper.

“I can’t get a ticket,” Carol moaned. “Not now.” She reached over and snapped off the radio. “Damnit. Not another one. Sylvia will kill me!”

Two weeks earlier, Carol had been ticketed for driving 50 mph down a city side street. The scenario had been much the same. The young woman had lost herself in the music on her radio, and Carol hadn’t paid attention to her speed or surroundings. Unfortunately, she had breezed past a patrol car without so much as tapping her brakes. That ticket had taken $380 out of twosome’s monthly budget. A month before that, a separate speeding ticket had cost the couple nearly $500.

“If you get one more ticket,” Sylvia had said. “I will blister your ass until you can’t sit down.”

Carol and Sylvia had been lovers long enough for Carol to know that her significant other was not joking when she promised to spank her. Past misdeeds had resulted in merciless punishment. Long spankings that left Carol bruised and crying. And quite recently, Sylvia had purchased a wicked little cane from a Web site in the U.K. Carol hadn’t yet experienced that thin piece of wood across her bare backside, and she wasn’t at all looking forward to feeling that cane on her flesh.

A boot crunching in gravel caught Carol’s attention. She looked into her side mirror as the officer stepped alongside of Carol’s car.

“Damnit!” Carol ran nervous fingers through her long blonde hair. She was young and pretty, with a clear complexion and bright blue eyes. “I can’t get a ticket,” she thought. For one brief moment, Carol considered hitting the gas hard and speeding away.

“License and registration, Miss.”

Carol closed her eyes and gripped the wheel. The moment passed. She huffed out a huge sigh, opened her eyes and began to rummage through her large handbag.

“Please, officer,” Carol whispered as she withdrew her drivers license. “I wasn’t going that fast. I mean, I’m late for an appointment.”

Carol turned and batted her long eyelashes. She blinked several times and tried to look both innocent and vulnerable. “I mean, I can’t get a ticket. Please.” She opened her eyes wide and stared pleadingly at the young officer.

“Ma’am, do you know how fast you were going?”

Faced with her misdeed, Carol began to sputter. When she was nervous, Carol talked. A lot. Often, she said way more than she should. She pleaded. She cajoled. Carol rolled her eyes and begged. She even explained that Sylvia had threatened to spank her soundly if ever she got another speeding ticket.

“And she’s not kidding about the spanking, officer.” Carol’s bottom lip trembled. “She has a cane, and she will whip me very hard.” Carol batted her long lashes. “Please, can’t you let me off with a warning?”

“Sylvia?” the cop asked. “Your girlfriend is Sylvia Caruthers?”

Carol stopped speaking. The officer knew Sylvia. Warily, she nodded her head.

The officer took off his sunglasses and smiled. His eyes were chocolate, and his grin was wide and toothy. “You know, I went to school with Sylvia.” He nodded his head as he slipped his glasses into his shirt pocket. “I always liked that girl.” The officer winked. “Not like-like, of course.” He smiled again. “Not that I couldn’t. But she liked girls better than boys even then.” The young officer pulled out his ticket book. “I liked the way she thinks. A strong woman who knows what needs to be done.” The officer put his pen to the pad and began to write the ticket.

“No, please, no,” Carol sobbed. “Sylvia will kill me for this! She will simply kill me!”

The young officer smiled and held out his ticket pad to Carol for her signature. “Now, now, ma’am,” he said, chuckling. “She’s not going to kill you.” He tore off the ticket and passed it through the window. “Whip your ass, certainly. But I imagine she’s spanked you before, hasn’t she?”

A red flush burned across Carol’s face as she nodded.

He chuckled. “And I imagine you needed it then, as much as you need it now.” There were tears in Carol’s eyes, yet the officer was impervious to her woes.

“Have a pleasant evening, ma’am. And try to slow down.”

Kim Canes Natalie – a fragment

“All right Natalie,” Kim said, pointing at the straight-backed chair. “I want you to bend over that chair and grip the seat tightly with your fingertips.”



Natalie hung her head, and her dark hair fell forward, obscuring the fear in her face. Behind her, the bedroom door seemed to beckon. All the young woman had to do was turn around and leave – walk out the door, and never look back.

But that would mean that their relationship was over. If Natalie left now, she would never again know Kim’s lighter touch. Her caresses. Kim’s lips against her skin. Her tongue on her sensitive parts. If Natalie chose to avoid her punishment and leave, she might as well just keep walking until the road ended. Because she knew deep down that Kim was right. Punishment was necessary. A part of their life together.

Eventually, Natalie pressed her lips together into a thin, white line and did as she was told. As she leaned over the top of the chair Natalie’s short skirt rode up, showing off a generous length of her firm thighs.

“Do you have a firm grip on the seat?”

Natalie didn’t reply. Miserably, she nodded her head and bit her lower lip.

Gently, Kim raised Natalie’s skirt and tucked it into her girlfriend’s. Then, in one swift move, Kim took hold of the waistband of the her girlfriend’s silk panties and pulled them down to Natalie’s knees. Throughout all of this, Natalie remained still, though her bottom cheeks trembled.

“Keep your knees together,” Kim said. “This is going to hurt.”

Kim backed up a half-a-step and swished her cane through the air. The evil hiss sent a shiver of fear through Natalie, and she moaned low in her throat.


Kim brought the cane down lightly on Natalie’s upturned bottom several times, as though taking aim for the perfect strike. Natalie took in a quick breath and exhaled just as Kim brought the cane down with a loud swish.


The cane landed loudly on the girl’s firmly rounded bottom. Natalie cried out and jumped when the cane bit into her smooth flesh.

Kim paused and allowed her girlfriend to settle. “If you stand up again,” she murmured, “I’ll double the strokes.”

Natalie sobbed. She leaned over the chair once more and presented her bottom cheeks to Kim.


Again the cane slashed the air and landed on Natalie’s throbbing bottom. She cried out again, but held firmly to the seat of the chair. As the third fiery stroke fell across her buttocks, Natalie sobbed out loud, as hot, salty tears streaked her face.

Alicia Waits for the Strop – a fragment

Jenna hesitated as she examined the wide selection of spanking implements. There were floggers and belts, crops and a single a two-tailed tawse. There was even a cane that hung from a peg in the closet. Smiling, she ran her fingertips over each of the toys, and imagined that she could feel the energy of past spankings flow into her from each of the instruments.

Who knew that Alicia had such a kinky side? she wondered.

Behind her, Alicia shivered. She was naked and bent over a straight-backed chair. The Spanking Chair, she had called it. Alicia seemed very familiar – both with the chair, and the position that she had assumed. Her pretty white buttocks were high in the air, and she gripped the chair’s seat loosely with her fingertips.

“Take your pick,” Alicia whispered. Her voice was strained. “Please.”

Jenna noted the sense of urgency in Alicia’s words. She wanted this spanking. Alicia had prepared herself for this moment, and now she trembled in anticipation. And yet Jenna also knew that each moment’s delay of the punishment added to her girlfriend’s excitement.

Finally settling on a paddle with a flexible blade. She picked it up; the handle was large and solid in her hand; the blade was made of stiff leather. It was smooth and cool.

Experimentally, Jenna swished the blade through the air. As the leather flopped back and forth, Jenna realized it wasn’t a paddle at all: Razor strop, she thought. She had never see one in real life.

When the leather cut the air, Alicia craned her head to watch Jenna as she selected one of the toys. Her eyes widened at the choice, and she struggled to stay in her position. She wriggled. Alicia was impatient for the spanking to begin. She didn’t have long to wait.

“Are you sure?” Jenna asked, raising the strop above her head. A wicked grin split Jenna’s face. She didn’t wait for Alicia’s reply.