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Spankings – She knows when I need one

Last night, I was overwhelmed. I’d been sick for more than a week, and Thursday would be my first real day back at work. After being out for so long, I had more to do at work than I could possibly finish, and I’d been unusually quiet and grouchy all day. I hadn’t been nice to my girlfriend. I hadn’t been nice at all.

Luckily, my girlfriend, Sofia, knows me better than I know myself. After dinner, she called me from the living room. Ours is a small house. I walked from the kitchen to the living, still sulking and pissy.


Spankings – She knows when I need one

Sofia caught me as I walked by, and pulled me around the couch. She sat down, still holding my wrist, and then took me across her lap. It’s rare for Sofia to take the lead. Normally, I Top in this relationship. But something in Sofia’s eyes told me it was my turn to be spanked good and proper.

It felt wonderful to be laying across her lap. I felt safe and cared for. And it was a relief to get a break from being the Dominant Bitch. O, don’t get me wrong. I like being Dominant. After our respective submissive upbringings at the hands of the Catholic church, I turned into a full-on radical Femdom for a couple of years. I’ve calmed down some since then, but still, mostly I take the lead.

Not this time. Once I was secure in Sofia’s lap, she snatched up my dress and yanked down my panties. Then she let loose with a series of stinging slaps to my behind! My sweet Sofia didn’t waste any time at all on a genteel warm-up. She whacked my ass hard.

And I loved it! I felt vulnerable and open, and yet I knew that I was totally safe at the same moment.

I also felt the burning in my ass cheeks, and I wiggled hard in Sofia’s lap. But bless her, my girl did not hold back one bit, even though I was kicking and whimpering. She spanked me harder and harder, and my bottom stung with the heat. But every so often, she’d pause in the smacking, and ever-so-lightly brush the furious red hand prints on my butt with her fingertips.

I was squealing by the time she was finished.

Later that night, I thanked her for the spanking. It’s not often that I’m on the receiving end of a spanking. But this time, Sofia knew exactly what I needed and gave it to me.

Spanking Sandra – a fragment

Angela examined Sandra’s bottom with a critical eye. The 20 strokes that she had given her crying girlfriend had resulted in a lovely blush; no single hand print stood out on Sandra’s naked bottom. Instead, the spanks blurred together into a uniform pink of near perfection.

“Up!” Angela said sharply, smacking her girlfriend’s bottom again. “Off to your corner, while I try to sort out the mess that you’ve made.”

Still sobbing, Sandra pushed herself off of Angela’s lap and bent to retrieve her skirt from the floor.

“Leave it,” Angela said, pointing Sandra to her corner. “You won’t need your skirt to think about how you’ve overspent your budget again.”


Angela’s glare cut Sandra off in mid-sentence. “Now,” Angela snapped, as she picked up their shared checkbook from the sofa cushion. “I can’t believe what a mess you’ve made of this!”

Sandra snuffled back a sob and hung her head. Her long, blonde hair obscured her pretty, blue eyes. “I’m so sorry,” Sandra said, dragging a toe across the carpet. She sniffed again. “Really. I don’t know how it happened!”

Shaking her head, Angela pointed once again at the corner across the room. “Go,” she said. “Now.”

Sandra walked slowly to the corner, and stood facing the familiar walls for what seemed like the better part of an hour. She sniffled. She sobbed. And she wanted desperately to rub her sore bottom, but Sandra knew that it would only infuriate her girlfriend. Sandra wasn’t allowed to touch her bottom after a sound spanking until Angela gave her permission.

The problem was that Sandra had no mind for numbers and no control when it came to spending money. The skirt that lay rumpled on the floor was the reason the young blonde had been spanked and was now standing in the corner. Short and plaid, the skirt was perfect for showing off Sandra’s her fine legs. She couldn’t resist the purchase, and it seemed such a bargain at only $200.

Sandra sniffed again. The burn in her bottom was finally beginning to fade, and she hoped that Angela would forgive her soon. The corner was becoming all too familiar, and Sandra was worried that someone could pass by and look through the window to see her naked bottom.

Finally, Angela broke her silence. “Sandra,” she said lowly.

The young blonde turned at her name. She had a properly penitent look on her face, though Sandra’s lips were quirked in a smile.

“Yes,” she said, hopefully.

That’s when Sandra saw the hairbrush in Angela’s hand. Fresh tears spilled over her cheeks when she realized what was about to happen.

“Do you want to tell me about the blouse you bought at Macy’s last weekend?”

Spanking Tessa – a fragment for @desiredarkly

I wrote this fragment in 2012 for Tessa Wanton, aka @DesireDarkly on Twitter. Talented and beautiful, Tessa is a truly lovely woman. Be certain to visit her Web site – http://www.tessawanton.com/ – and read her wonderful books. 

I wanted Tessa to understand that I was serious, and so I raised my voice: “Do you think I’m joking?”

Tessa’s pretty mouth widened into an insolent grin. “Of course you’re joking,” she replied, her eyes sparkling. “You wouldn’t dare.”

What else could I do? We were at a friend’s home, and even though we were in a room by ourselves, anyone could walk through the door at any moment. Yet, I couldn’t let her get away with her challenge; Tessa had to be punished. She was standing in front of me – hands on her hips – and absolutely beautiful in her lovely red dress. I was seated on the bed, fairly shaking with disbelief at her behavior.

As soon as the phrase ‘you wouldn’t dare’ passed her lips, I reached around her waist with my left arm and pulled Tessa across my lap. Before she could protest, I gave her five hard licks across her bottom with my right hand. I knew those impacts stung, though I wasn’t  trying to hurt Tessa. I just wanted to give her enough of a sting to understand that her bad behavior would have consequences.

As soon as the last blow landed, Tessa jumped away, grabbing her bottom, mouth open in amazement. I figured since she felt free to misbehave, I was free to give her the spanking she needed.

Yet, as quickly as I had whacked her bottom, Tessa leaned forward, grabbed the back of my head, and kissed me hard on the lips. Then, before I had time to react, Tessa backed up grinning.

“Thanks for the spanking, Alice,” Tessa said, laughing. “And the kiss.” Then she turned and dashed out the door.

Sylvia Spanks Mona – a fragment

“Are you ready young lady?” Sylvia smiled as she patted Mona’s small, firm bottom cheeks.



Mona shivered as her girlfriend’s cool fingers stroked her bottom. Slowly, Mona nodded her head, her ponytail bobbing up and down. Mona clenched her ass cheeks tightly, trying to compose herself, so that she could take her spanking gracefully.

It would have been easier to just lean across Sylvia’s desk for just a couple of swats from their old sorority paddle. While still painful, there would have at least been some small bit of dignity in that kind of punishment. But this was different. Sylvia had insisted that Mona take her spanking like a little girl – bare bottomed and over her Sylvia’s knee.

So humiliating!

Yet, Mona knew that was why Sylvia chose to spank her over the knee; it was embarrassing, and a lesson that Mona would not soon forget.

“All right, Mona.” Sylvia patted her lap. “Assume the position.”

Blushing brightly, Mona leaned forward and arranged herself over Sylvia’s lap. Mona was tall, and both her hands and feet touched the floor. And that put her bare bottom in a perfect position for a sound spanking.

Sylvia didn’t wait for Mona to settle into her lap. She raised her hand and landed it sharply on Mona’s right cheek with a resounding smack.

“Oooo!” The impact was loud in their small bedroom, but the swat didn’t yet have the bite of true punishment. Mona closed her tightly as the next blow fell. She was balanced precariously on Sylvia’s, and every muscle in her body tensed in anticipation of further impacts.

“Smack, smack, smack!”

Sylvia’s hand fell into a steady rhythm, alternating between the left and right side of Mona’s lovely bottom cheeks, and the young woman cried out, raising her bottom higher to meet the next impact.

Spanked for Spice – an excerpt

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naked woman in a bikini on a white backgroundSpanked for Spice – When Vivian steals the most valuable spice in the world, she’s offered a choice by the shopkeeper – jail or a sound spanking. But when Vivian’s wife finds out about the theft, only a caning will make things right. WARNING: Contains mature adult themes, BDSM, spanking, caning, and explicit situations. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 21 years and over.

“This way,” Janet said, leading her friend to the sofa. Vivian opened her eyes again and obediently followed. Sitting on the antique sofa, Janet motioned to Vivian to sit down beside her. Laura sat down in a straight-backed chair in front of the roll top desk.

For several long moment, Janet said nothing. Instead, she held her friend’s eyes with her own for what seemed like an eternity. Vivian sobbed quietly. She knew deep down that Lucy had given Janet permission for this punishment. She shook as a chill swept through her body.

“In just a minute,” Janet said, breaking the silence, “I’m going to spank you.” Janet looked deeply into Vivian’s eyes. “You understand why, don’t you?”

Vivian’s lower lip trembled. She looked away and saw Laura leaning forward in the straight-backed chair. The shopkeeper’s green eyes sparkled with anticipation, and Laura was openly leering at the young woman. Vivian’s flushed a deep red. She was already embarrassed. She didn’t understand why her humiliation had to continue. “Does she have to be here?”

Laura settled back into her chair and crossed her legs. She waited for Janet to answer.

“I’m going to spank you, because you tried to steal from Laura.” Janet took a deep breath. Her blue uniform tightened across her full breasts. “Don’t you think she has a right to watch your punishment?”

Vivian bit her lip. She wanted to say no. To beg again for forgiveness. But she couldn’t bring herself to say the words. Vivian knew that Luciana had given her permission for this punishment. Vivian’s wife was angry with her. Adding the humiliation of an audience to a spanking was Luciana’s way of showing that anger. Vivian didn’t want to make her punishment any worse by defying her wife’s orders. “Yes, ma’am,” she finally murmured. “She has a right to be here.”

“So, just to be sure. You know why I’m going to spank you?”

Vivian studied her feet. She was ashamed and frightened. “Yes,” Vivian whispered. She clenched her fingers tightly. Inwardly, she moaned. This was supposed to be a happy time of year, and the saffron was going to be a gift for the woman she loved. She just couldn’t believe that it had all turned out so badly.

“Stealing is never right, Vivian.” Janet licked her lips. “If someone else had caught you, the consequences would be much more severe.”

Vivian closed her eyes. She didn’t want a lecture. She just wanted this over with. Another tear squeezed out between her eyelids.

“Lucy’s just glad that you’re all right and that you’re not going to jail.”

Vivian nodded silently. Behind her, Vivian heard Laura shift in her chair.

“None of us want to see you go to jail,” Janet said. She placed her hand on Vivian’s knee in an attempt to comfort her friend. “Lucy said giving you a spanking would be the best course of action, as long as Laura agreed.”

Vivian opened her eyes and nodded. Tears coursed down her cheek. Janet was right, she thought. So was Lucy. Vivian didn’t want to go to jail, and Laura had agreed not to report the crime, so long as she could watch as Vivian was spanked.

“Stand up, Vivian,” Janet whispered. The young woman squeezed her eyes together tightly, and then slowly stood up in front of the security officer. She opened her eyes and faced Janet. “Now take off your jacket and lay across my knees.”

Trembling, Vivian shrugged out of the heavy garment, and then laid it on the antique sofa. As though chilled, Vivian shivered. She stood looking down at her friend.

“Now, Vivian,” Janet said, patting her lap. “I want you to lay across my lap. You’ve been a bad girl, and it’s time for your punishment.”

With a rueful glance over her shoulder at Laura, Vivian obeyed, laying across Janet’s lush lap. It was only a few days earlier that Lucy had spanked Vivian for overspending her grocery budget. Her bottom was still sore from that lesson. Vivian’s heart pounded. Another spanking over those bruises would sting horribly. Yet Vivian settled into position, her bottom high and her face down. She closed her eyes and pressed her face against the soft fabric of the sofa. It was clean, yet still musty with age. Vivian suppressed a sneeze and wished that she could appreciate the antique furniture. Instead, her tears dampened the aged fabric.

Vivian counted the seconds until her skirt was lifted and her panties pulled down. She knew that would have been Lucy’s directions to Janet – a bare bottom spanking for her wicked deed. Vivian blushed again, and even her bottom turned a bright pink.

A sudden gasp reminded Vivian that Laura was still in the room. She twisted her head and peeked at the shopkeeper. Laura was seated in the straight-backed chair. Her legs were crossed, and she gripped the seat of the chair tightly. Yet it was the look in Laura’s eyes that gave Vivian pause; the shopkeeper’s face was a mask of glee, and Laura’s dark eyes glittered with lust and expectation.

Vivian didn’t have time to wonder what Laura was thinking. A sudden sharp slap impacted her bare bottom, and Vivian gasped. It stung far more than she expected, and Vivian had a fleeting thought that Janet had probably spanked a woman before. Another flat-handed strike followed the first, and a burn spread out quickly through Vivian’s fleshy bottom. Then another impact, and another. Vivian squirmed and kicked. She sobbed like a little girl as the Janet’s firm palm smacked Vivian’s bottom again and again. It was as though a fire was burning on Vivian’s bottom, and Janet’s hand was the hot coal imprinting her tender flesh.

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