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Belle’s Fiery Strokes – a fragment

“Eight?” Belle blanched and stood ramrod straight, her hand by her sides and her eyes wide with fear. Belle clenched her hands into tiny fists, gripping her dress tightly. “But sir!”

Mr. Jenkins shook his head. “You heard what I said, Ms. Laurel. Bend over my desk, or I’ll make it ten.”

Belle opened her mouth to protest again. It wasn’t fair! She was only fifteen minutes late! Yet before she could speak, Mr. Jenkins pointed at the surface of his desk. It had already been cleaned off, ready for the young woman to assume the position. The anger in Mr. Jenkins’ eyes was plain; delay meant extra strokes.

Bending at the waist and reaching for the far edge of the desk, Belle folded herself across her boss’s desk. She trembled when she felt Mr. Jenkins’ hands touch her bottom long enough to lift her skirt high, and she squeaked when her boss tucked her skirt into her waistband.

“Remain still,” he said, jerking her panties rudely to her knees.

Belle closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the rush of air cooling her thighs and bottom. Behind her, Belle heard a door creak, and she knew that Mr. Jenkins had selected a cane from wooden cabinet on the far wall.

Belle held her breath. She tried not to clench her bottom cheeks, but found her instincts overriding good sense.

After than, the strokes fell quickly, lines of fire that made Belle want to scream. She gasped at each impact and struggled to hold onto the edge of the desk. Belle knew that if she stood, she would an get extra stroke. So the young woman clenched her teeth against the fire as her tears streaked her cheeks.

She took the first four strokes with barely a sound. Yet the fifth impact broke her silence, and Belle howled as the cane cracked across her bare behind.

With three strokes to go, Belle fought to remain in position.

Diana Street, Spanking Detective – Work in Progress

I’ve started my next story, my pets, and this time, I think I want to write a spanking mystery. Yep. I love mysteries, and I love strong, female detectives. Here’s the opening of the story. I’ve still a long ways to go, but feel free to tell me what you think! –AD

Alice Dark and Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes and listened the spatter of rain rapping against my office window. It was a gloomy Monday morning: steel-gray clouds hunkered low over the city, and people wandered the streets like mushrooms under black umbrellas. It was a miserable day – cold, wet and dismal. Yet, I was in a good mood. I had a new secretary, and she didn’t know any of the rules. I’d already spanked her once today. And I was sure that Mona would earn several more butt-warmings before the week was out.

There’s no better way to start the day than with some OTK on a pretty girl in a tight skirt. Maybe later, I’d have her take that skirt off prior to the spanking. But this time, I let Mona keep her dignity – and clothing – for her punishment. She wailed and kicked her legs throughout the spanking, promising me that she would do better next time.

I smiled and put my hands behind my head. Everybody breaks my rules sooner or later. And that meant that there would definitely be a next time for spanking Mona’s ass.

A sudden rap at my office door broke my reverie. The door creaked open, and Mona leaned halfway through the opening.

“Excuse me, Ms. Street?”

As she said my name, Mona blushed deeply. She was wearing a low-cut, cashmere sweater and the red flush went from from her face to the tops of her lovely, full breasts. I knew that Mona remembered her spanking – balanced on my lap, hands and feet barely touching the floor.

“Diana,” I said sharply, opening my eyes and leaning forward. “I don’t like that Miz crap. Call me by my first name, or we’ll have a repeat of this morning’s performance.”

“Yes, Ms. I mean, ma’am.” Mona blushed a brighter red. She was flustered and pretty, nearly gasping for breath. “I mean, Diana!” Mona bobbed her head, her blond, shoulder-length curls shaking. “Y-you have a client, a Mrs. Ruby Lauren.”

“Well, don’t just stand there babbling, girl,” I snapped, enjoying Mona’s embarrassment. I would spank her again today. Of that, I was sure. “Send her in!”

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Asking for a Spanking – A Fragment

“Take off your skirt and jacket.” Mason issued the command calmly, and knew that the woman would obey. After all, it was she who had come to him to his office and admitted theft at his store. She wanted to be punished – wanted to cleanse guilt from her mind and conscious.

Slowly, she nodded, then removed her jacket. Folding it neatly, she placed the garment on a nearby chair. Next, she unzipped her skirt, removed it and placed it on top of her jacket. They were smart clothes – expensive, and Mason knew this woman to be as wealthy as she was beautiful. He licked his lips, and then forward in his chair.

“Your hose,” he said simply, tilting his chin upward.

Shaking back her hair, the woman slid her thumbs into the waistband of her pantyhose. As she bent forward to remove the silky hose, Mason was treated to a view of her cleavage, as her breasts were still hidden by her white shirt. Mason decided to allow her the dignity of the shirt, excited by the prospect of spanking a half-naked woman.

She dropped her hose on top of her skirt and jacket, then stood erect, flushed with embarrassment.

“Come here,” Mason said. “I want to see you.” Mason pushed his chair back from his desk; the floorboards squealed in protest.

She stepped around the desk, and Mason had a good view of her hour-glass figure, nude from the waist down.

“Over my lap,” he said, leaning back in his chair. “Get comfortable.”

Head down, she shuffled forward, bare feet whispering on the hardwood floor. She seemed nervous, yet draped herself gracefully over Mason’s lap. Standing on tip-toe, she breathed heavily as his strong hands pulled her tight to his waist. She adjusted her position so that her fingertips and toes were both in contact with the wooden floor. Her eyes were closed when Mason raised her blouse high on her back. One hand caressed her panty-covered bottom, while the other held her tight to his hard body. She shivered when he tucked his fingers under the waistband of her undergarments.

“Ohhh,” she moaned when he tugged at her panties. Her legs were pressed tightly together, and the material was trapped at her crotch. She took a breath and spread her legs slightly.

Mason smiled as bared her bottom, pulling the woman’s panties to her ankles.

The first slap struck with no warning.


His firm hand slapped her left cheek and she jumped, despite her promise to herself that she would lay quietly and take her punishment. The spanking stung, but not too badly.


When his hand struck her right cheek, a nearly electric spark of arousal shot up her spine, and she instinctively shoved her pelvis hard against his lap. She gasped at the sudden desire for more, and gripped his legs tightly.

Natalie gets a Spanking – #SatSpanks

Natalie Gets a Spanking

“Tell me Natalie,” Alex said, licking his lips again. “When is the last time that you were spanked?”

Natalie shut her eyes, and a fine tremor shook her frame. “Please,” she moaned. “Please stop this.” Natalie seemed furious, but Alex noted that instead of struggling to get away from him, she actually clawed deeper into his lap as though she was trying to become a part of him. He responded to her struggles, and felt his cock grow hard beneath her. But this wasn’t about sex: This was about punishment: Natalie was clumsy and quite possibly a thief! Alex shook himself and pushed back his own desires. He ignored his erection and vowed internally that it would not stop him from delivering the spanking Natalie deserved.

He spanked her again hard, this time on a single cheek. And then three beats – smack, smack, smack – harder on the other cheek. Red hand prints glowed on Natalie’s ass, inflaming both her rage and desire.

“Ooh,” Natalie growled low in her throat and kicked her legs. She wanted to bite Alex, and Natalie gnashed her teeth to keep from acting on the impulse. Something about the spanking had completely replaced the girl’s terror at the thought of being punished. Instinct had taken over, and Natalie arched her ass upward to meet Alex’s rough hand.

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Natalie Gets a Spanking – #SatSpankings

Natalie Gets a Spanking

“How do they punish thieves at your college?” Alex asked. “Do they have any stringent methods of making today’s young people obey?”

Natalie paused in her effusive promises, her open and her own eyes wide. There was something in Alex’s voice. “I don’t know, Mr. Drummond,” she said. “I would think the school expels them.”

Alex smiled and showed his teeth. “Oh, I’m sure they must have other remedies. Too many rich kids at that school to expel them willy-nilly.”

Normally, Natalie would have giggled at Alex’s odd choice of words. Willy-nilly was such an out-of-date and silly phrase. But then, even though he was a young man, Alex was old-fashioned – both in his dress and in his thoughts. As Natalie realized this, a horrible thought occurred to her. “You don’t mean…” She swallowed and allowed her voice to trail off.
“Mean what, Natalie?”

“I mean, no, you couldn’t mean…” Natalie paused, and then rushed on: “You don’t mean a spanking?”

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