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Spanked for Spice – Available Now!

naked woman in a bikini on a white backgroundSpanked for Spice – When Vivian steals the most valuable spice in the world, she’s offered a choice by the  shopkeeper – jail or a sound spanking. But when Vivian’s wife finds out about the theft, only a caning will make things right. WARNING: Contains mature adult themes, BDSM, spanking, caning, and explicit situations. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 21 years and over.

Janet lifted her hand to interrupt Laura. “Let’s take this inside the spice shop, Laura. I think you’ll want to hear more.”

Vivian hung her head. Luciana knew what had happened! Janet had told her wife that not only was she in the mall, but that Vivian had stolen from one of the merchants. Vivian trembled noticeably, but shuffled forward as the other two women entered the spice shop.

“Lock the door, Laura.”

“But my customers?”

“It won’t be for too long, ma’am.” Janet’s manner was easy and authoritative – exactly the qualities that made her a good head of security. “I think you’ll agree with what’s going to happen, especially since you still have this.” Janet slipped the bag of saffron out of her pocket and put it on the counter.

Laura’s pretty, green eyes narrowed for a moment, and then she nodded. She locked the door, and then turned around to face Vivian.

Janet walked slowly around her friend. She was silent and took measured steps. Vivian turned her head to follow the security officer. “Really, Janet. Please.” Vivian trembled. She couldn’t think of anything else to say, and Janet’s slow steps terrified her.

After circling Vivian, Janet stopped in front of her friend. She met Vivian’s eyes and spoke slowly: “Lucy thinks that you need a good spanking.”

The silence that followed was deafening. Laura’s eyes widened. She opened her mouth, but no words came out. Vivian reeled as though she had already been struck. She, too, was silent, though her tears fell freely.

It was Laura who finally broke the silence. “A spanking?” The shopkeeper was shocked. She expected Luciana to offer to pay for the spices that her wife had tried to steal – anything to keep Vivian out of jail for the holidays. But the idea of a spanking had never crossed Laura’s mind. She knew nothing of the young woman in front of her, and had no idea about Luciana’s belief in discipline.

“Vivian is a bad girl, Laura.” The security officer narrowed her eyes. She wasn’t surprised by Luciana’s decision. Janet hadn’t expected it, but the concept was sound and fit in with Luciana’s lifestyle. “Her wife, Lucy, said that Vivian is to be spanked as a bad girl.” Janet licked her lips. “That is, Laura, if you agree to drop any charges after full punishment has been administered.”

The shopkeeper was stunned. She looked back and forth from Vivian to Janet. The young woman kept her head down; Janet stared hard at her friend. For a long time, Laura held her tongue. She had no real desire to send Vivian to jail, but neither could she let the young woman get away with her crime. She had to be punished. She had to know and remember that stealing was wrong. But a spanking, she thought. A grown woman spanked! Laura considered the idea. Vivian trembled in front of her. Her eyes were down, and she was crying. Gradually, Laura warmed to the idea. A woman – a full grown woman – spanked as though she was a little girl. A wicked smile quirked Laura’s lips.

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Amanda’s Bare-Bottom Spanking – an excerpt

“Yes, Sister.” Amanda’s lower lip trembled. “Please spank me.”

Sister Alice took in a quick breath and looked at the pleading girl. The nun had spanked a lot of girls in her time, both at the college and early on at the convent. But those spankings were more punishment than anything else. Sister Alice didn’t deny to herself the warm feelings that spanking a girl’s ass gave her. More than once, she’d spanked a girl and sent her on her way, then closed and locked the door to her office and then masturbated furiously.

Amanda's Bare-Bottom Spanking

Amanda’s Bare-Bottom Spanking

But never in her entire career had a girl begged to be spanked. It was a new experience for the nun, and she felt a fire in her belly like never before. She was hot for Amanda and hot for the spanking that she knew she was about to give this girl. This spanking, however, would not be like other spankings – cold and distant. This one, Sister Alice vowed to herself, would be different. Personal. The kind of spanking that one lover gives to another.

Because that’s how the nun saw Amanda. As Sister Alice gazed into the girl’s eyes, the nun saw something there that was almost feral, a ferocity that Sister Alice didn’t think the girl was aware of. The nun could see in Amanda’s eyes that she needed this spanking. Not because she was having impure thoughts. Amanda needed the spanking to give herself permission to have those thoughts. A spanking would allow Amanda to express everything she held so deeply in a free and open manner. Sister Alice knew in her gut that Amanda needed this punishment, and she needed it skin to skin: her bare hand against the girl’s bare bottom.

Sister Alice had spanked hundreds of behinds during her time with the Catholic Church. Normally, the nun made the girls prostrate themselves over her desk, gripping the edge with their fingertips, while she used a paddle on their backsides. Using her hand on the girls was out of the question. As a professional and as a member of the church, the nun needed to keep the punishment impersonal and non-sexual.

This was different. Sister Alice locked eyes with Amanda and motioned for her to get out of the chair. They didn’t speak to one another, but there was furious tension in the air. The two women circled each other as they swapped their positions: Sister Alice sat down, while Amanda stood upright. They stared into each other’s eyes as the nun hiked up her robes and gestured to Amanda to lie across her lap.

Amanda did not hesitate. She nearly threw herself across the nun’s lap, groaning a bit as the Sister’s knees pushed into her belly. Both women shifted until they were comfortable, and then Sister Alice wiggled her right leg until it was free of the girl. The nun maneuvered Amanda until she lay across her left leg so that she could lock Amanda’s legs down with her own right leg. This ensured that Amanda couldn’t kick too wildly and interfere with the spanking once it began. Sister Alice also crossed the girl’s arms behind her back and held her wrists to prevent Amanda from placing her hands in the way of the spanking. Sister Alice slowly lifted Amanda’s plaid skirt and paused to admire the girl’s cotton panties.

Neither of the women had yet spoken, but Amanda’s sharp intake of breath at the raising of her skirt had the quality of a plea – an unspoken demand to the nun to begin the spanking.

But Sister Alice took her time, tracing long fingernails up and down Amanda’s backside, as well as lightly tickling the girl’s legs. Amanda gasped out loud, and the nun smiled wickedly.

Still lingering, Sister Alice dragged down the girl’s panties, stopping at mid-thigh as Amanda’s legs were still locked under the nun’s leg. Only now did Sister Alice realize how hot Amanda was; she could smell the girl’s vagina, a strong womanly aroma.

Sister Alice licked her lips. “Are you ready, child?”

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Maid For Punishment – Laura’s Caning (Cover reveal)

I finished Laura’s story over the holiday weekend, and spent much of New Year’s Day finding and perfecting a cover for the work. The link for that is below.

Maid For Punishment - spanking, whipping, caning

Maid For Punishment

Maid For Punishment is an M/f story about how Laura is caned by Sir James after making a egregious error at a party. I know that I don’t write a lot of M/f spanking fiction, but as an author, I feel to stretch myself and my talent. Finding and learning to use the male voice in a story is a challenge, and it’s an opportunity to explore new ways to deliver punishment.

The Book Blurb
When Laura, a virginal young girl, spoils an important social event for Lord James, he punishes her cruelly in front of an audience of his peers. This rousing story takes Laura to a final confrontation with her Master, and a four-foot long cane is applied liberally to the backside of the wayward girl. Lord James believes that punishment must be delivered quickly, otherwise young girls will take the wrong paths in life. This story is not for young folks, as the whippings are explicit.

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Courtney is Spanked for Speeding – an M/f fragment

Courtney had been standing in the corner for more than an hour. She had a list of offenses committed to memory, and had spent her time going over each and every one of them. Courtney knew that she was going to be punished, and that the punishment had begun with her banishment to the corner. She sighed and rubbed her bare bottom. Soon, Courtney knew, Mister would spank her for all of the things that she’d done wrong this week. Courtney slouched and rolled her eyes.

“Take your hands off your bottom.”

Courtney jerked upright when she Mister’s voice. She stood stiffly, head back and hands at her sides.

“The paddle and strap are in my bag. Go get them and come back in here.”

Courtney turned several shades of red. She had been caught, and that would certainly add to her punishment. She nodded. “Yes sir,” Courtney said, keeping her head. She turned and dashed to the closet, where she retrieved both strap and paddle. Staring at the carpet below, she returned with measured steps and laid implements of punishment on the end of the couch. As she laid the strap down, Mister took Courtney’s hand and pulled the naked girl across his lap – face down and bottom up.

“You were speeding this week,” he said, in a soft but stern voice. “The posted speed is 35 mph. You were going 50.” He cared for her, and didn’t want to see Courtney hurt.

“No one saw me, Sir. Promise!” Courtney wiggled in Mister’s lap. She had self-reported her transgression. It was better, Courtney found, if she was honest with Mister, because if someone else reported her… It had only happened once, and Courtney didn’t like to think about it.

“I don’t want you taking risks,” Mister said, interrupting her train of thought. “When you speed, you endanger your well-being, as well as the lives of others.”

Courtney sniffed back a tear. “Yes, Sir.” She kept her voice low.

“This is a repeat offense,” Mister said. “You didn’t receive a ticket, but this is a zero tolerance situation.” Mister shifted Courtney on his lap. “I’ve talked to you about this in the past, so there’s no debating the punishment.” Mister cleared his throat. “You will receive both the paddle and the strap.”

Courtney gasped. She knew that speeding was wrong, and that she shouldn’t have taken the car in the first place. “Yes, Sir,” she said, beginning to cry. “I- I- I understand.”

In the next second, there was a sudden whoosh, followed by the searing pain of his wide leather strap biting into her backside.

Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack!

Courtney was already blubbering and she kicked her feet ineffectually. She never counted the strokes that Mister delivered, and knew he didn’t count them either. There was no way to count out out punishment; It just went on until Mister was satisfied Courtney was well-spanked.

Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack! 

Just when she didn’t think that she could take another stroke, Courtney felt his hand pressing down on her now bruised backside. He rubbed for a moment, and surprised her sudden flurry of swats!

Courtney was bawling and flailing in his lap, but Mister held onto her with little effort. Even in her pain, Courtney knew better than to throw herself from his knees. She sobbed and kicked, and beat at his legs with her hands. But Courtney was careful to stay where she was.

Just as suddenly as he began, Mister stopped strapping her backside. He lightly caressed the welts on her bottom with his fingertips for a few moments. Courtney hiccuped, sobbed, and buried her head against his legs. Mister waited till she grew quiet and then picked up the big paddle.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

Twenty swats later, Mister held Courtney in his arms and let her bury her face in his chest. She cried furiously after being punished, and soaked Mister’s shirt with her tears.

Yet Courtney held Mister tightly, her arms around his broad shoulders. She knew that he loved her, and that as long as she was honest, Courtney would have a place in his heart and his home. She touched her bottom tenderly and thought about the parking ticket that she still to own up to.

“Maybe tomorrow,” she thought to herself.

Books and Stories by Alice Dark

Caning, Spanking & Femdom The Collected Stories of Alice Dark

I’ve collected five caning, spanking and Femdom stories into a single edition, and now you can save $2US by grabbing all five stories at one time.

Caning, Spanking & Femdom The Collected Stories of Alice Dark

Caning, Spanking & Femdom The Collected Stories of Alice Dark

Heather’s Caning and Humiliation – When Heather skips school for more than a week, Sister Mary shows her displeasure by promising the teenager the “same punishment as the boys.” This rousing story takes Heather to a final confrontation with the strangely beautiful nun, and a four-foot long cane is applied liberally to the backside of the wayward girl. Sister Mary believes that punishment must be delivered, otherwise girls take the wrong paths in life. This story is not for young folks, as the sex and whippings are explicit and erotic. Enjoy the romp through this sexy caning!

Natalie Gets a Spanking – Natalie has never been spanked in her life, and now she faces a bare-bottom spanking from her employer. She’s been clumsy at the restaurant and late to work on numerous occasions. Alex is her boss, and he’s furious that Natalie seems careless about her job. She’s offended customers and ruined hundreds of dollars worth of food and supplies. But it’s not until a diamond earring goes missing that Alex offers her the ultimatum: a hand-spanking over his knee, or face the police and time in jail. Natalie is terrified, but she’s also curious. No one has ever laid a hand on her bottom throughout her life. So through her fright, she finds herself wondering: What does a spanking really feel like? Find out in this erotic tale of spanking, punishment and the exploration of a young woman’s true feelings about what she wants and needs.

Amanda’s Bare-Bottom Spanking – When Amanda spies on one of her female teachers in the ladies dressing room, she makes a discovery about the woman that awakens Amanda’s latent lust for another women. But the ferocity of her sexual thoughts about females soon overwhelms the girl, and only a severe punishment delivered by the very woman she peeped on has a chance of saving the young girl. This Lesbian romance takes the reader on a journey of sex, punishment and total abandon, as it explores the forbidden love that develops between a young girl and a nun.

Kaylee Deserves a Spanking – Kaylee’s mother is fed up with her daughter. The young woman has been a terror for most of her life, and even going to college hasn’t dulled Kaylee’s appetite for mischief. Kaylee is a bad girl, a wicked young woman who deserves a spanking. When she takes her father’s car without asking and gets a traffic ticket, Kaylee’s mother is more than willing to see that she gets the spanking that she deserves. OTK with a hairbrush!

The Dominatrix and the Cheerleader – A college cheerleader learns new lessons from a latex-clad Dominatrix, after the cheerleader is caught masturbating outside a university building by a young man hungry for more. Follow along as the boy who catches the cheerleader with her fingers “in the pie” is taught how males ought to behave if they are to expect any rewards or favors from the fairer sex. Learn how the Dean of Arts and Sciences suffers willingly at the feet of his Dominatrix for just one taste of her goodies. This high-powered sexy romp on a university campus is set in modern day times, where women are both beautiful and powerful and men worship the females. This story is definitely for the mature reader and perfect for heating up that lazy weekend at home. Share it with your lover to add spice to your romantic life!

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