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Early in the day all six women went shopping at a small town nearby to get souvenirs, and to explore. However, Alex, Elaine and Sydney all returned to the house early to surprise their SOs for when they had returned.

When the bottoms left their Tops got a suspicious feeling that the group was up to no good. However, they decided to just let them be and deal with the consequences later. The women had hatched a plan to all get spanked together again, granted everyone had some lingering soreness from the past day or so due to everyone playing………

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Real Life TTWD

Hi my spanko ladies and lads, how is everyone? I am neck deep in trying to understand math these days (whining dramatically), but I am still writing! I have officially started my first solo book which will hopefully be done within the end of this year! I do plan on still updating here once a week though, but I wanted to ask your opinions on some topics I had in mind.

As you all know I like to talk about spanking, TTWD, DD or whatever you want to call it in my real life sometimes. It’s a way to help you guys and …..

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Confessions of a Spanko, part 13 – The Way I Spank

ast week was stressful at work so I asked for a proper spanking from Oliver. I mean, if you asked me when he and I met whether I would believe that he could spank hard enough to tickle my masochist, I would’ve said “Sweet Oliver? No way!” But from the first time he spanked me, I knew he definitely has potential. There was certain ruthlessness to his way of spanking, although I do think that he does it in that way cos he knows I like it that way. If you ask him, he would probably say both. I still have a lot to figure out when it comes to him, he does keep saying he is new to all this but he doesn’t always act like it.

Anyways, so I asked him for a spanking. A hard one. I also asked him to tie me up from my wrist……

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Sometimes a Good Spanking is Needed

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My Special Guest – Nora Nolan


“Before we go to the Bronc to check on Mattie, we can go over and ask around at the Poker Palace.”

“No need to, I went today and she’s not…” Uh oh. She slowly raised her eyes again to find Jim looking at her as though he didn’t believe she’d just said that. Not after he specifically told her not to go without him. Damn. I should have done what he said.

“You did what?”

“Uh, well…” Her eyes darted about and her fingers fidgeted with the plate the cheese slices rested on. “It really was all right, I didn’t have any problems, and I couldn’t wait until-”

He was at the side of her chair before she realized he had even moved. He grasped her wrist firmly and pulled her up from her chair. He pulled the chair out a little further from the table to give himself more room, then he sat down. She didn’t even have time to ask what he was doing before he pulled her over his lap.

“What are you doing?” she shrieked. “Let me back up!”

“Not a chance,” he said as he lifted her skirt and petticoat up and over her head.

“You can’t do this to me! You have no right! This is obscene!”

“This is not obscene; it’s a well-deserved application of punishment on the backside of a disobedient woman. I told you several times not to walk around even the good parts of town, not to mention the side of town where the saloons are.”


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