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Still spanking, but I’ve been slacking

Yes, I still spank my girlfriend. And yes, that’s the lovely Sophia.

I know that I haven’t been around much lately. Sorry about that. Things finally came to a head at my last job. I kicked ass. I walked out.

Now I have a new job! Well … two new jobs. I have a part-time job at night, and a full-time job at a newspaper during the day. I’m working about 65 hours a week, and that barely leaves time to redden my girlfriend’s bottom.

But I make time for that. 🙂

I still write spanking stories, but I’ve slowed down some. *sigh* Too many hours spent on the actual jobs, and not enough fun time.

But that will change soon. I have to get my time organized, but I’ll be back. (I’m already here!)

Love, kisses and spanks to you all!


Alice Dark Spills the Spankings to Fika

Monday Morning Fika with Alice Dark: A former Catholic schoolgirl’s aphrodisiac

Today we have the irrepressible, mischievous, and oh-so-naughty Alice Dark! I’ve wanted to host Our Lady of F/F Badness for quite a while, but her pesky day job kept getting in the way. Can you imagine? Hmph! She was the first author of F/F spanking I met, and I’ve adored getting to know how that evil little mind works. (Point in case: her avatar includes a naughty–quite possibly poisoned–red apple.)

She has quite the treat for us today! We’ll get a peek at how she got started writing, and she’s even going to show you an excerpt from her newest release. All I can say is “Phew!” that she hasn’t written another Ana-gets-spanked story. A girl has to have some protection. 😉

Enjoy Fika today!

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