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Nancy’s Spanking – a fragment

“Are you going to spank me?”

“Yes Nancy, I am.”

“But why?” Nancy’s bottom lip trembled, “I won’t do it again. I promise!



Lauren held the credit card reciept in her hand. This latest charges put them nearly $200 over budget. She and Nancy would live on beans and rice for the rest of the month. Lauren had to get her girlfriend’s spending under control. A sound spanking seemed to be the only way to get Nancy’s attention.

“You said that the last time, Nancy.” Lauren closed her fist around the receipt. She counted to ten before she went on. “You’ve broken the rules again, and you know that if you break the rules,  you get spanked.” Lauren dropped the tiny wad of paper on the floor. “This can’t continue. Do you understand that, Nancy?”

Tears rolled down Nancy’s cheeks. She had tried so hard to stay within their agreed upon budget. But when she saw the smart skirt and blouse set on sale she couldn’t resist. She knew even as she purchased them that Lauren would be angry. Yet Nancy had hoped that once her girlfriend saw what a bargain Nancy had gotten on the clothing that she would understand.

“I know, Lauren,” Nancy whispered. “But they were on sale.”

Lauren pressed her lips together into a firm line. She’d heard the excuses before. “It’s time,” she said simply. Lauren sat down in a large armchair. She took the hairbrush from the table beside her. “Now, Nancy.” She patted her lap expectantly.

Nancy sniffed. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to avoid the spanking. Nancy scrubbed the tears from her cheeks and nodded. Slowly, she draped herself across Lauren’s lap.

“Tell, me again, Nancy. How much did you spend on those clothes?” Without waiting for an answer, Lauren raised Nancy’s skirt and then tugged down her panties.

A shiver ran through Nancy. She hated this part of the spanking. The waiting was awful. “$150,” she replied.

Lauren laid the brush on Nancy’s bare backside. “$150.” She tapped her fingers on Nancy’s cool flesh. “And yet, we’re $200 over budget.” tap-tap-tap “What happened to the other $50?”

Nancy took a deep breath. She sobbed.

“I’m waiting, Nancy. What happened to the other $50?”

“I had lunch with Lori,” she whispered.

Her admission was met with frosty silence.


“We were talking about you! Honest. Nothing else happened!”

“So you had a fine lunch with your ex-girlfriend, and you bought new clothes. Is that about it?”


By now, Nancy was miserable. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. She had betrayed Lauren’s trust. Tears clouded Nancy’s eyes, and she sobbed uncontrollably.

Lauren picked up the hairbrush and started spanking Nancy’s bare bottom. Nancy cried and flailed her feet, tossing her head wildly and beating the armchair’s cushion. Yet Lauren didn’t slow down the spanking one bit. Instead, the hairbrush came down again and again, like a rain of fire, turning Nancy’s bottom a bright red.

Krystal Wants a Spanking – a fragment

“I don’t know, Krystal.” Luciana’s dark eyes were wide, and a flush swept through her dark skin. “I’ve never-” She paused and bit her full lip. “I’ve never spanked anyone before.” Luciana looked at the wall. At the floor. At the ceiling. She couldn’t meet her girlfriend’s eyes. “I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

Krystal smiled and pulled Luciana into a tight embrace. She loved everything about her girlfriend. Luciana was gentle and kind. Generous to a fault, and one heck of a good cook. Lucy had a firm body and was a good lover. And for the most part, she knew exactly how to treat a girl. But sometimes, Krystal wanted more – something little bit kinkier than Luciana was familiar with.

“You won’t hurt me,” Krystal whispered. She licked her girlfriend’s ear. “Okay,” she admitted, nuzzling Luciana’s neck with her lips. “That’s not exactly true. It’ll hurt. A lot. But that’s what I want.” With her arms still wrapped around her girlfriend’s waist, Linda leaned back. Her flat stomach pressed hard against Luciana, and Krystal felt a familiar warmth begin low in her belly. “I want you to spank me on the bare bottom. I want you to spank me until I cry.” Krystal looked deep into her girlfriend’s wide eyes. She saw fear there. But she also saw curiosity. “If it hurts too much – or if you’re scared – we can stop, and I won’t ever ask you to spank me again.”

Luciana tensed in her girlfriend’s arms. “You’re sure you want this?”

Krystal smiled again and kissed her girlfriend. “More than anything,” she said. “Right now, I think I want a spanking more than I want that wonderful seafood paella you’re going to make for us tonight.”

Luciana’s eyes widened. “More than my cooking?” A mock-scowl crossed Luciana’s face. “Then I think, young lady, that you definitely need a spanking!”

A wide grin parted Krystal’s lips. She kissed her girlfriend again and released her. “You’ll need to sit down,” she said. “On the couch will be fine.”

Luciana nodded. She backed up until her legs met the sofa. She sat down and smoothed her dress. “Like this?”

Krystal didn’t say anything. Instead, she gracefully draped herself over Luciana’s knees and snuggled in tightly to her girlfriend’s lap. She wiggled her hips and pushed her bottom high in the air.

“Lift my skirt,” Krystal moaned. “And spank me hard.”

Tentatively, Luciana raised Krystal’s plaid skirt above her girlfriend’s plump bottom. Without being asked, she tugged Krystal’s panties down low on her thighs. “You’re going to get a spanking,” Luciana said, softly. She brushed her fingers lightly against Krystal’s lush behind, and then raised her hand high above her shoulder.

“I hope so,” Krystal whispered. Without meaning to, she clenched her buttocks in anticipation of the first strike.

Ana Needs a Spanking – a fragment

Gloria paced back and forth. By now, her fury at her girlfriend’s transgressions had faded. “Do you understand, Ana, why I must punish you?” Gloria’s tone was calm but firm.

Ana didn’t move. She looked straight ahead, hands behind her back with her head down. Ana’s pretty, black hair was loose, and it hung like twin curtains, obscuring the young woman’s face.

“Yes, ma’am,” Ana replied. She snuffled back a sob.

“You know that I’m doing this for your own good.” Gloria stopped pacing. She stood in front of her girlfriend. “You’re a grown woman, and yet sometimes you can be so childish.”

Ana didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t a question, and the young, dark-haired woman knew better than to say anything; the wrong words would only make her punishment worse.

“Okay, Ana. Take off your skirt.”

By now, it was a forgone conclusion that Ana would be spanked. She had exhausted all of her excuses, and her tears had done nothing to convince Gloria that she’d learned her lesson. Sighing, Ana slowly slipped off her skirt. Her first impulse was to drop it to the floor, but a quick glance at Gloria convinced her that sloppiness at this point would only add to her punishment. She folded the plaid fabric neatly and placed the skirt on the edge of their bed.

“Panties, too.”

A bright red flush swept through Ana’s face. A bare-bottom spanking was so humiliating! Yet she dutifully hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her silk underthings and slid them to the floor. Bending, Ana picked them up and placed them on top of the skirt. She was naked from the waist down. A sudden shiver caused a wave of goose bumps to rise on her skin. Ana risked another glance at Gloria. There was no forgiveness in her girlfriend’s eyes.

Gloria sat down on the edge of the bed and patted her lap. “It’s time, Ana.” Trembling, Ana inched forward. Gloria held her hand out. “Now, Ana. Dawdling will only make it worse.”

Resigned to her fate, Ana allowed her girlfriend to draw her across her lap. As her feet left the floor, her fear peaked, and a violent shiver ran through her flesh. But in that moment, Ana knew that Gloria was right; she needed this spanking, just as she’d needed every spanking prior. And she would probably earn many more in the future. But it wasn’t punishment that Gloria delivered with those stinging swats. It was love.

As that realization passed through her mind, Ana seemed to melt into Gloria’s lap. A smile quirked her lips, and she snuggled tightly against her girlfriend – bare bottom high and ready.

“Hold on tight, Ana,” Gloria whispered. “This is going to hurt.”

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Ariana’s Spanking – a fragment

Maryann glared at her girlfriend. “I’ve had enough,” she said, clenching her fists. “Enough of your lies and late nights. I know where you’ve been, and I know who you’ve been doing!”

Maryann didn’t wait for her girlfriend’s response. It wouldn’t be the truth. Just another in a long line of made-up stories and excuses. Instead, Maryann grabbed Ariana’s wrist and jerked her girlfriend forward. Ariana gasped as she was yanked off balance; her stomach slapped against Maryann’s thighs.

“Maryann! Please!”

Maryann paid no attention to Ariana’s cries for mercy. She yanked up her girlfriend’s skirt and tugged her hose and panties to the girl’s knees.

“Maryann! No! I’m sorry!”

“Not as sorry as you’re about to be!” Maryann was furious. She raised her right hand high above her shoulder, and then brought it down hard on Ariana’s quivering bottom.

Alicia Waits for the Strop – a fragment

Jenna hesitated as she examined the wide selection of spanking implements. There were floggers and belts, crops and a single a two-tailed tawse. There was even a cane that hung from a peg in the closet. Smiling, she ran her fingertips over each of the toys, and imagined that she could feel the energy of past spankings flow into her from each of the instruments.

Who knew that Alicia had such a kinky side? she wondered.

Behind her, Alicia shivered. She was naked and bent over a straight-backed chair. The Spanking Chair, she had called it. Alicia seemed very familiar – both with the chair, and the position that she had assumed. Her pretty white buttocks were high in the air, and she gripped the chair’s seat loosely with her fingertips.

“Take your pick,” Alicia whispered. Her voice was strained. “Please.”

Jenna noted the sense of urgency in Alicia’s words. She wanted this spanking. Alicia had prepared herself for this moment, and now she trembled in anticipation. And yet Jenna also knew that each moment’s delay of the punishment added to her girlfriend’s excitement.

Finally settling on a paddle with a flexible blade. She picked it up; the handle was large and solid in her hand; the blade was made of stiff leather. It was smooth and cool.

Experimentally, Jenna swished the blade through the air. As the leather flopped back and forth, Jenna realized it wasn’t a paddle at all: Razor strop, she thought. She had never see one in real life.

When the leather cut the air, Alicia craned her head to watch Jenna as she selected one of the toys. Her eyes widened at the choice, and she struggled to stay in her position. She wriggled. Alicia was impatient for the spanking to begin. She didn’t have long to wait.

“Are you sure?” Jenna asked, raising the strop above her head. A wicked grin split Jenna’s face. She didn’t wait for Alicia’s reply.