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Sorority Heat – a #SatSpanks & #ASMSG excerpt

Saturday Spankings!

When Beth and Ally humiliate the girls of another sorority, it’s left to Yvette Sharp to see that the two young women are punished for their misdeeds. Yvette calls on Mistress Arlene, a latex-clad Dominatrix, to deliver a harsh caning that takes the girls to the edges of obedience and pleasure, before turning the girls over to the entire sorority for punishment. In this excerpt, Arlene has taken the wayward girls to the basement, and is about to whip them in front of their sorority sisters.

Sorority Heat: A Tale of Revenge, Humiliation & Caning

dominatrix in black leather corset with riding crop“We’re ready.” Arlene untied her belt and swept back her white robe. A collective gasp went through the room when the sorority girls saw what Arlene wore under the ankle-length cloak: a black latex catsuit, along with a black PVC steel-boned underbust corset circling her waist. The corset had silver buckles, and it was cinched tightly, enhancing the athlete’s strong, full hips. Black, four-inch stilettos added to Arlene’s already imposing height. Also hidden by the long, white robe was a black duffel bag that Arlene had over one shoulder. It was about four feet long, and she dropped it to the floor. “Jamie. Daria.” Arlene pointed at the duffel. “See to the toys. The rest of you-” Arlene pointed to the larger group of girls, as well as Yvette. “Stand back, for now. Except for you, Claire.” Arlene smiled coldly. “You’re with me.”

Together, Arlene and Claire approached the two girls standing on the punishment side of the basement. With her heels, Arlene towered over all three of the girls. Sheathed in black latex, she was like an icy, dark goddess.

“Get your clothes off.” The four words initially had no effect on Ally and Beth, as they stood dumbstruck by the angry, blond beauty. “Now!”

Beth was sobbing again, but reached down dutifully to unzip her short skirt. She fumbled with her blouse and started to sit down in one chairs to remove her shoes and knee-high socks.

“No,” Arlene said. “You will stand until I tell you to sit.”

“But my socks-”


The slap rang out in the room, and the sorority girls in the kitchen turned as one and got very quiet.

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Tiffany Spanked for Leaving a Mess – a fragment

“We’ve gone over this before, Tiffany.” Laurie folded her arms across her breasts and scowled at her girlfriend, then pointed to a pair of satin panties that were balled up and thrown into the corner of the bathroom. An empty tube of Pure Romance Coochy Conditioning Shave Cream was in the sink next to Laurie’s very expensive Venus razor. The bathroom mirror was a mess: spatters of toothpaste and saliva streaked the glassy surface. “I’ve warned you about the consequences. You know what’s coming.”

Tiffany blanched visibly. “But Laurie! Please. I’ll clean it up. I promise.”

“You always say that you’ll clean up your mess, and then you do a half-ass job of that, too.”

“But I didn’t think you’d actually…” Tiffany gulped. “I didn’t think you’d really spank me!”

“You thought wrong.” Laurie grabbed her girlfriend by the wrist and dragged Tiffany into the bedroom. “I want to take off your pants and lay down on the bed.”

“My pants?”

Laurie narrowed her eyes. “Yes, I want you to take off your pants. Do you think you would remember this if spanked you over your pants?”

“But, Laurie!”

“Pants off, Tiffany.” Laurie was in no mood for arguments. “Now!”

Tiffany blushed, but dutifully un unzipped her jeans. She wriggled out the tight pants, and then dropped them to the floor. Laurie shook her head at the wad of blue material.

“You just never learn, do you?”

Shivering, Tiffany bent quickly and snatched up her jeans. She folded them once and placed them neatly on the bed.

“All right,” Laurie said. “Now lay down on the bed.”

Moving slowly, Tiffany bent over, then flopped onto the bed. Her blond hair fanned out around her head, and she tipped her head to the side. “Please,” she whispered. “You really don’t have to do this.”

“Yes, Tiffany. I do. I want you to know that leaving the bathroom in that state is is unacceptable. You are going to start cleaning up after yourself; do you understand me?” Laurie didn’t wait for an answer. She hooked her fingers in her girlfriend’s panties and yanked them down to Tiffany’s knees.

“Yes, ma’am,” Tiffany finally said. Her voice was low and fearful.

Laurie unbuckled her belt and slid it through the loops. “Maybe after this…” Laurie folded the belt over one time, and then lifted it high in the air. “…you’ll remember to clean up after yourself.”

The folded belt whistled as it cut the air, and Tiffany screamed when the leather struck her clenched bottom.

Chloe Learns to Thank Her Mistress – a fragment

“It’s time for you to pay for your disobedience.”

Chloe stood naked and trembling in front her Mistress. The young woman’s head was down, and she studied her Mistress’s booted feet. Chloe’s hands were clasped in front of her to prevent any fidgeting. Mistress Arlene hated it when Chloe fidgeted. Still the young woman wiggled her toes and swayed slightly from side to side. Chloe had spent more than an hour in the punishment corner – naked, with her hands above her head, while Mistress Arlene watched from the comfort of her own chair.

“This is what’s going to happen,” Mistress Arlene said. Her voice was low and rich, a deep contralto that sent a shivering thrill through Chloe’s naked form. “You will thank me after every stroke. If you do not, we will begin again.” Mistress Arlene walked slowly around the trembling girl, speaking in rhythm to her steps. “You will not scream. Nor will you shriek. Is that understood?”

Dizzy from watching her Mistress pace a tight circle around her, Chloe could only nod. She bit her bottom lip, lest a cry escape her lips in advance of her punishment.

“If you move during your punishment, I will begin again. If you place your hands on your bottom, I will begin again.” Mistress Arlene paused in front of the girl. “Are you listening to me, Chloe?”

Chloe bobbed her head and twisted her fingers tightly together. “I understand, ma’am,” she murmured.

Behind the young blond girl, a door opened. “Your brush, Mistress.” It was Jacqueline with Mistress Arlene’s Frederic Fekkai classic oval brush, a strong implement with boar’s bristles. Inwardly, Chloe moaned; it wasn’t the bristles that would touch her hair, but the back of the brush that would redden her bottom.

“Bring it here, Jacqueline. Then have a seat. I want you to watch this.”

Chloe watched as the nude brunette stepped in front of her to hand the heavy brush to Mistress Arlene; the Mistress preferred her subs to be naked at all times during service.

“Follow me Chloe.” Mistress Arlene led the young woman to the straight-backed Spanking Chair. “Lean over, and assume the position.”

A single tear slid down Chloe’s cheek as she untwisted her fingers and bent over the chair. She gripped the seat tightly, and knew that her ass was at the perfect height for a sound whipping.

“If I have to begin this session again, Chloe, I’ll use the cane for any future strokes,” Mistress Arlene growled. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Chloe’s voice was a squeak, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jacqueline put her hands to her mouth. The young woman’s eyes sparkled, and Chloe realized that Jacqueline was delighted by the upcoming punishment.

“You will receive 20 strokes, Chloe. Are you ready?”

Mistress Arlene didn’t wait for an answer, but raised the brush high and brought it down with a sharp whack! on Chloe’s upturned behind.

Chloe felt the first bloom of fire spread across her quivering bottom cheeks, and she screamed out: “Thank you, Mistress!”

Anita’s Caning – a fragment


Naughty girls need a spanking!

“Come on, Anita. Unless you want to dig yourself deeper into trouble, you will learn to pay attention and obey!”

Anita ducked her head, and her blond bangs fell forward, obscuring her eyes. She was a pretty young woman, high-spirited, and as a maid, much more trouble than she was worth. But I knew that I could tame this girl. All it would take was time and determination.

I walked to the cabinet mounted against the right wall of my office. I had the cabinet built specially for this room, and the dark, wooden cabinet was flush to the wall. I opened the door slowly and selected a medium length rattan cane. The slender implement was highly polished, thin and whippy. At just over three feet long, the cane would deliver the message I intended.

I glanced back at Anita. She stood with her head down and shoulders tense. I almost felt sorry for the young woman. I knew her comments about my establishment were spoken off-hand, and she never intended for me to overhear her casual remarks. If it had been any of my other workers, I might have ignored the casual slight. Hell, I might even have laughed.

But not with a new maid. Especially not one as proud and haughty as Anita. She had a way of looking down on others in our profession. Of making the other working women feel as if their jobs were demeaning – as if a maid is somehow less important than other staff members. It wasn’t that long ago that Anita was a rich girl; and that novelty of wealth had yet to disperse from her ‘better-than-thou’ attitude toward the rest of us.

Anita, I decided, was overdue for a caning.

“I want you to take off your skirt, Anita, and then bend over the back of that chair.”

When I spoke these words, I finally had her attention. Anita jerked her head up. She glanced at the chair and opened her mouth to protest.

I raised the cane in warning. “Do you have more to say before I’ve decided how many strokes you’ll recieve?”

Anita stopped. Silently, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. By now she knew that she was going to be caned and that anything she said would only make it worse.

Anna was a tall girl, pretty in her dark pantyhose and white blouse. She was a natural blond, with a clear complexion. Anita was slim without being bony and had no difficulty bending over the back of the chair I’d indicated.

“Grip the seat tightly,” I said, motioning to the wicker seat. “If you move during this caning, we will begin again. Is that clear?”

Anita’s hair hung in her face, but she bobbed her head up and down in understanding. I knew this formerly rich girl had never been whipped before; and she had no idea what was really coming.

Her dark pantyhose was stretched tightly over her bottom, and I could see the outline of her panties beneath the translucent fabric. Anita trembled in anticipation of the caning she was about to receive. Her stiff posture indicated that she was ready to have this over with.

But I wasn’t yet finished with the design of this particular punishment. I thumbed the intercom box on my office desk. “Elizabeth?”

“Yes, ma’am,” my receptionist answered.

“You and Gloria come into my office. There’s something I want you to see.”

Still bent over the chair, Anita twisted her head to the side. Her blue eyes were wide with fear. She hadn’t counted on an audience. But before Anita could say anything, I raised the cane and flicked it lightly against the young woman’s bottom. Anita yelped, though an impact that slight could scarcely have stung at all.

“Witnesses,” I said, cutting off any chance of protest. “You’ve shamed me and the rest of the women who work here. These two women will witness your punishment.”

When the door to my office opened, I didn’t wait to see who was there. I simply raised the cane high over my shoulder, took aim on Anita’s quivering bottom, and whipped her sharply across the center of buttocks. As the first of Anita’s first many cries filled the room, I heard two girls giggling at the door behind me, and I knew that Anita would remember this lesson for a long time.

Four Stars for Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

I want to thank Dinah McLeod, author of The Errant Bride, for reviewing one of my latest books, Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels! I appreciate the review more than you know. I spent a lot of time on Spanking Detective, and I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

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Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

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