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Jasmine and the Spanking Chair – a fragment

“This is going to hurt, Jasmine.” Lori frowned at her dark-haired girlfriend and dragged a straight-backed chair across the kitchen floor. The wood legs whined as the chair skidded across the linoleum, and Jasmine trembled in anticipation of what was coming. For three days, Jasmine had been successful in lying about her nighttime activities. But on the fourth night, her girlfriend, Lori, unraveled the lie and discovered the truth. It was a simple thing that tripped up Jasmine’s tale: a missed supper, a slip of the tongue, a girl who couldn’t possibly have been in two places at once.

“Bend over the back of the chair and hold onto the seat.”

Jasmine dawdled, her hands clasped and head down, as though in prayer. Her mind was a-whirl as she tried to sort through the things she could say to avoid this punishment. But the words in her mind were a jumble of random thoughts, lies and half-truths, the kind of words that had earned a position over the Spanking Chair. Slowly, Jasmine approached the chair, her dark eyes shining with unspent tears, her lips quivering with cries yet to be voiced. Jasmine leaned over the back of the chair and grabbed the woven-rattan seat, squeezing the bottom of the chair till her fingers were white. Jasmine shut her eyes tightly when she felt Lori lift her pleated skirt over her back and tuck it into her waistband. A violent tremor followed when Jasmine felt the weight of the paddle on the small of her back, as Lori laid it there while she removed Jasmine’s panties, dragging them slowly down the girl’s quivering legs.

Jasmine was naked from the waist down – naked and silent, knowing that anything she says would only add to the evening’s punishment. And then the weight of the paddle was gone from her back, a lightness that didn’t make Jasmine feel any better.

A few gentle pats, a tap-tap-tap of wood against her naked flesh. Jasmine took a deep breath and tried not to clench her bottom cheeks. “It’s coming,” the young woman thought, as a sudden whoosh of air indicated that Lori had drawn the paddle high above her shoulder.

Jasmine’s thoughts whirred, like the wings of a humming bird. She waited, her lovely ass high in the air.