Daily Archives: May 2, 2013

The Naughty Games We Play – a Sophia Fragment

Sister Alice squeezed Sophia’s butt cheeks, lifting those lovely, light brown orbs of flesh, and separating them in a slow massage. The nun could tell by the girl’s harsh breath – in and out, rasping for air – that Sophia was enjoying the feeling of the nun’s hands on her cool flesh. Sister Alice wanted to taste the girl’s pussy – to slip her tongue inside the Sophia’s tiny slit.  But this wasn’t the time for that. Not now. Not so soon in their relationship. Instead, the nun continued to circle Sophia’s ass in a sort of “wax on, wax off,” fashion, deeply massaging the girl’s young flesh. Sister Alice knew that Sophia was still wary, disturbed by the nun’s touch, but succumbing none the less. The nun had the girl right where she wanted her; on the edge the edge of an unwilling orgasm.

But each time Sophia built to that peak, Sister Alice stopped her ministrations and smacked the girl’s ass hard, snapping Sophia back to reality.


“Oooooo.” Sophia moaned and pushed her ass higher.

Moments dragged into minutes, and Sophia’s harsh rasping turned into a gasp for air. Her body seemed to be on fire, and her thoughts were reeling and disjointed. Sophia still didn’t understand any of this: Why were the nun’s hands arousing her so? On her hands and knees, Sophia shook her black hair and growled. She must be sick for letting a nun arouse her. But, still, deep inside, Sophia couldn’t help herself; it felt so good.

She relaxed her legs and spread her feet a little, leaning forward onto her elbows for support. Secretly, Sophia hoped Sister Alice would spank her ass hard, and then push a finger into her anus.